Quartz Labs – Find a Way to Open the Vault Door | Gotham Knights

This guide shows how to open the vault and search for clues in the vault in Case FR1.3 of Gotham Knights. As part of Mr. Freeze’s third quest, you will have to open and search a vault. This is the only small puzzle from any of the side quests.

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Find a Way to Open Vault Door

Once you get the objective, take the stairs to the upper floor and analyze the console on a table to open the vault as shown in the picture below. Then eliminate the enemies that come out.

Search for Clues in the Vault

There are 3 Clues in the vault

Clue #1: 
Scan the notepad on the floor near the frozen scientist.

Clue #2:
Enter the vault. Scan the torn blueprint on the left side’s wall.

Clue #3: 
Enter the vault. Interact with the Dictaphone on the table.

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