Ransom Keep: How To Find All Collectibles | Halo Infinite Guide

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles (1 x Spartan Cores, 2 x UNSC Audio Log, 2 x Banished Audio Log) in the Ransom Keep area of the Halo Infinite campaign. You need to find these collectibles to unlock the following achievements: Dispatches from the front, Canon collector, Two sides to every story, Know your enemy

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#1 Banished Audio Logs –  Unnatural Defenses

After destroying all four silos, a building on the northern side of the map opens up. You will find 1st Banished audio log is inside it. Check the image.

#2 Banished Audio Logs –  The Dream of Atriox

This is located in the middle of the silo yard. It is placed near the southeastern wall of Silos yard as shown in the image below.

#3 Spartan Core

In Ransom Keep, you can find the Spart Core on the southern part of the map. It is just in front (south) of a steel ramp while coming down from the silos yard.

#4 UNSC Audio Log – To Andrew Valleros

This UNSC audio log is at the end of a long narrow path at the southern end of Ransom Keep. This is path is just behind the crates where you find the Spartan Core

#5 UNSC Audio Log – Making Ends Meet

The second UNSC Audio log can be found on a cliff’s edge. Look up at the start of the long, narrow path in the Ransom Keep’s southern part. You will find a grappling point to reach the top of the cliff.

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