Repair Robot Head – All Arcade Circuit Breaker locations | Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach (2021). This guide will show how you can find how to repair a robot head, find a dance pass, etc. in the Repair Robot Head mission of Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach.

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This mission starts after you have finished Roxy’s Weakness mission. In this mission, your task is to repair the damaged driver-assist head at the S.T.A.F.F repair station in the west Arcade. You also need a Dance Pass to access the West Arcade.

Find Dance Pass and bring robot head to West Arcade

From the location where you had collected the damaged driver-assist head, return to the main Roxy Raceway area. You will find the Dance Pass inside the second garage from the stairs. I have marked the garage door in the below image.

After collecting the Dance Pass you need to trackback from Roxy Raceway to Level-2 area of the main atrium. For this climb up the stairs, enter the garage door near a save-point. Turn left, follow the under-constructed hallway and enter the second garage door. Continue to follow the under-constructed hallway to reach another garage door with the sign “Sodaroni“. Enter inside to reach the main atrium (Level-2) as marked on the image and map below.

From Sodaroni (Level-2) now head toward the right, take the elevator to reach FAZCADE at Level-3. I have shown the map location and image below.

Bring the robot head to the Security Office

Head inside FAZCADE, use the elevator to go up. After coming out of the elevator, turn left and go upstairs using the spiral stairs to reach the top floor. At the top, turn right and go to the extreme end. There are multiple security bots roaming in this area.

At the extreme end, you will find a red door “STAFF ONLY” on the left side of the big FAZCADE wall painting. I have attached an image of the location. Head inside and enter the metal door on the left. This is the security Room. Roam around the save-point to end the objective.

Reboot the West Arcade – DJ booth

Here the console will inform you that the West Arcade was not shut down properly and you need to reset the audio manager circuit breaker, located next to the dance floor.

Now, you need to backtrack the same path to reach the dance floor downstairs. Freddy will inform you that – you are locked now and you need to reset the breaker and restore the power to the west arcade. If Chia appears use Fazerblaster to stun her. Once you reach downstairs, head straight (passing the elevator from where you came earlier) as shown in the below image.

In the end, you will find a small platform on the right with an electric lever switch (circuit breaker) as shown below image. Pull the electric lever switch to end this objective.

Reset 3 breakers scattered across West Arcade

Now, you need to reset three breakers across the west arcade.

Breaker-1: From the earlier switch location, turn around and go to the right. Enter the men’s bathroom and then to a small room on the right. You will find Breaker-1 in this room as shown in the below image and map.

Breaker-2: Exit the bathroom through the right side door and go straight. Take a right turn near the big yellow statue and go behind the spiral stairs area. You will find Breaker-2 on the left side near two generators and a pillar, hiding behind the Arcade machine as shown in the below image and map.

Breaker-3: Head upstairs using the spiral stairs and unlike last time, go to the left. Keep following the left wall, use Fazerblaster to stun Chia. In the end, you will find Breaker-3 just before the last circular colored icon on the wall as shown in the below image and map.

Reset the last breaker at the end of the maintenance hall

After activating all three breakers, head back to the Security Room. This is the same security room you visited earlier on the top floor near the big FAZCADE wall painting. This time, proceed into the long hallway beyond the Security Room. You will find the last breaker at the end on the right wall as shown in the below image and the map. Reset the last breaker.

Repair robot head

At this point, you will find Monty Behind you. Start sprinting back to the Security Room as fast as possible while avoiding the falling obstacles. Inside the ‘Security Room’ submit the head to end the mission. Refer to the below image and the map

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