Repository Collectibles Locations (Skull, Spartan Cores, Audio Logs) | Halo Infinite Campaign Guide

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles (1 Skull, 2 UNSC Audio Log) in the Repository mission in the Halo Infinite campaign.

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#1. Skull – Grunt Birthday Party

In the Repository mission, players should make their way to the area where Master Chief gets a message from Escharum, the main Brute leader of the Banished. After the cutscene, a light bridge gets activated and extends further as shown in the image.

Heading back to the start of the bridge. While facing the bridge, use Grapple Shot to reach the balcony on your right. From the balcony, go down the hallway into a room to collect the Power Seed. 

Head back to the main room with the light bridge after collecting the Power Seed. Now, go to the other side of the light bridge (the bridge that formed earlier after the cutscene). Use Grapple Shot to reach the balcony on your right (while facing the bridge) as shown in the image.

From the balcony, go down the hallway and then turn to the right to find a receptacle for the Power Seed at the end of the room. Put the battery in the socket and head back to the light bridge. 

Now, continue with the mission until you reach two large rooms with hallways on either side. Make your way through the first room until players will come to a room with two large angled architectural elements contacting the wall across from the entrance as shown in the image.

A player will find an unlocked door at the top of the arch structure. Grapple up to pass through the gap and at the top, you will find the skull.

#2. UNSC Audio Log – The Weapon 

This is a part of the mission and you will obtain this item after a cutscene with Weapon mid-level.

#3. UNSC Audio Log – The Prisoner 6 Price Paid

After the cutscene with Weapon (where you get the 1st UNSC Audio log), you’ll get a split path in a large room to go either left or right. Head to the left path and follow the linear path to a smaller workroom. Here you will find 2nd Audio Log placed on top of a desk with a hologram of the Halo ring.

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