Ruin D-01 Laser beam puzzle | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows how to complete the laser puzzle in the Ruin D-01. Ruins D-01 is located in the Crown Mines area of the map.

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As you enter the Ruin D-01 you’ll encounter an NPC called Fufu. You can accept the side quest from him and then proceed up two sets of the ledge. Defeat all the opponents up the ledges. 

Take the stone stairs on the right and enter the stone passageway. After the cutscene, you need to solve the Laser Puzzle.

Laser beam puzzle – Ruin D-01

After the cutscene, you will come across a stone structure and a cube to the right. Push the cube below the laser beam as shown in the figure. It will direct the laser beam into the cavern.

Continue to follow the laser beam inside the cavern and shoot any of the laser beam spheres covered with roots with a fire weapon. This will clear the roots around the spear and allow the beam to pass through it. 

As you navigate inside the cavern, the laser beam stopped near a stone statue. Go behind the statue and then push the cube below the laser beam to send it further down the cavern.

Continue following the beam and push the third cube at the right location. This will complete the laser puzzle and unlocks the boss room.

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