Save the Herbalist | Chapter 3 A Plague Tale Requiem

In this guide, we will show how to Save the Herbalist in “Chapter 3 – A Burden of Blood” of the game A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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After you reach the end of the Reach the Herbalist’s Forest, you should notice three more people coming out a gate. One of them is in a robe, he’s the herbalist, and the other two are enemy guards.

Saving Herbalist is an optional goal. However, whether you save or murder him, there are no consequences because he does not appear again during the story.

Light up the nearby torches to reach as close to them as possible. To begin, headshot the unarmored enemy (left) and draw the armored enemy close to the dead enemy.

Once he is close enough, use Extinguis on his torch as he passes through the rats. The trick is to shoot the torch by the gate when the Herbalist is at a distance from him, otherwise, the rats will eat him.

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