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This guide shows how to complete the ‘Search the Fristad Shore’ objective in the Space Invader mission of Deathloop. For this objective, you will have to find the location in the Fristad Rock where the photo of the lovers was taken. A video walkthrough is posted at the bottom of the page.

Search The Fristad Shore: The photograph implies that the lovers meet in Fristad Rock, somewhere near the shoreline

1) To complete the objective, you will have to travel to Fristad Rock only during the afternoon.

2) After loading the area, take the staircase on the right side (See the picture below) and open the door to go outside.

3) Once you are outside, you will see a red flare a little ahead as shown in the pictures below. Turn right behind the flare and go through the narrow passage behind a truck (see the second picture below).

4) After crossing the passage you will reach a snowy area with a few enemies here. The shoreline is straight ahead of you. To avoid the enemies you can climb up the mountain path on the right side as shown in the picture below. At the end of the mountain path, jump down to reach the shoreline.

5) Once you have dropped down to the shoreline, you will see a crashed plane in the water. Turn left and go straight ahead and turn left at the end of the shoreline as shown in the picture below.

6) After you have turned left as mentioned above, you will see a bunker with a closed door with the number ’09’ written on the wall outside as shown in the picture below. Climb the stair and then open the door.

7) Go inside the bunker and read the book titled ‘Order of Operations’ kept on the console as shown in the picture below.

This will complete the ‘Search the Fristad Shore’ objective. You can now leave the area. The cassette puzzle here cannot be solved now so don’t worry about it. You will have to solve the Cassette Puzzle later during the ‘Afternoon Delight’ mission.

Search the Fristad Shore Video Walkthrough

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