Seirai Island: All Luxurious Chests Locations | Genshin Impact 2.1

This article shows the location of all the Luxurious chests in Seirai island of the Inazuma region. Seirai Island was introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1 update on 1st September 2021.

Luxurious Chest 1/7 (Seiraimaru Ship)

You will find this chest at the bottom-most level of the Seiraimaru Ship. Click here to see how to reach the bottom level of the ship. Here you will find glowing tiles on the floor. You will also see a locked door that requires an Intact Key to open. You will find a small hole on the floor with a common chest inside it as shown in the picture below. This common chest contains the Intact key. Use the key to open the door on the western end of the ship. Inside this newly opened room, you will find a sealed Luxurious chest with four rotating helms around it. Rotate the helms to make the arrows face each other. This will unlock the luxurious chest.

Luxurious Chest 2/7 (Seiraimaru Ship Underground)

You will find this chest at the underground portion you reach through the Seiraimaru Ship. Click here to see how to reach the seiraimaru ship underground. Here you will need to solve a relay stone puzzle and you will get the luxurious chest as a reward. First I will explain, how the relay stone puzzles work followed by the solution for this relay stone puzzle.

How Relay Stone Puzzles Work?

A relay stone puzzle has 3 components:
DISCHARGE STONE (DS): Shoots a harmless electric current.
CUMULATION STONE (CS): Absorbs the electrical energy from Discharge Stone.
RELAY STONES (RS): Conducts the current released by Discharge Stone.
To solve the puzzle you must complete the circuit: the current from Discharge Stone must reach the Cumulation Stone. You’ll have to use the relay stones to complete the circuit. There will be multiple relay stones in the area which can be picked up and positioned anywhere. To solve the puzzle, you must position the relay stones in such a way that the current released from Discharge Stone reaches the Cumulation Stone. After the circuit is complete, an exquisite chest will appear and its loot will be yours. [NOTE: Electro-Seelie can also act as a relay stone. Your character, if affected by Electro, can also act as a relay stone.]

Seiraimaru Ship Relay Stone Puzzle

Go through the broken wall as explained in the previous section, to reach the underground area. You’ll find a wrecked ship at the bottom of this underground area. There are 3 Discharge stones (DS), 1 Cumulation Stone (CS), and 3 Relay Stones (RS) in this puzzle. To complete the puzzle you need to connect the CS to all three DS. The discharge stones and the cumulation stone are on the underground ship and are pretty easy to spot. The 3 relay stones are scattered around in the area surrounding the underground ship. Collect these relay stones first and then head to the ship to complete the puzzle.

Location of the 3 Relay Stones

The three relay stones are present on the cliffs surrounding the wrecked ship. On one of the cliffs, you’ll see an electrogranum plant. A relay stone is hidden beneath the rubble of rocks next to the electrogranum plant. Smash the rubble to reveal the relay stone and pick it up. Then summon an electrogranum (you’ll need it to cross the energy shield).

You can easily spot 2 energy shields in the nearby cliffs. There is a relay stone under both these energy shields. Enter these energy shields and collect both the relay stones. You need to be charged with electro to cross the energy shield. Summon electrogranum (from the electrogranum plant near relay stone 1) before entering the energy shields. After collecting all the three relay stones, head to the wrecked ship and complete the circuit puzzle.

Place a relay stone between DS1 and CS to connect them. Similarly, place a relay stone between DS2 and CS. DS3 in on another half of the wrecked ship. Jump towards DS3 and place a relay stone mid-air to connect DS3 and CS. This will complete the circuit and a luxurious chest will spawn. The luxurious chest spawns in a small cave under the wrecked ship. Jump down and follow the chest marker to reach the cave and collect the luxurious chest loot.

Luxurious Chest 3,4/7 (Amakumo Peak Underground)

You will find two Luxurious chests in the Amakumo Peak Underwater area. Both the luxurious chests are behind a blue door at the end of the underwater area. To reach the underwater area you will also need to solve a pressure plate puzzle. Click here to see how to reach the end of the Amakumo Peak Underwater area. In the underwater area, you will eventually come to a blue door as shown in the second picture below.

After you open the blue door, go inside the room. In this room, you will find a Luxurious chest. there will be another blue door in this room with a switch next to it as shown in the picture below. Interact with the switch to drain out the water completely. This will open the blue door as well. Draining the water will reveal a luxurious chest as the bottom. Go through the now-open blue door and jump down to reach the luxurious chest at the bottom.

Luxurious Chest 5/7 (Electro Totem Puzzle)

There is a secret hidden luxurious chest that you can get on the small island in the southeast part of Seirai Island.

You will find three sealed electro totems at the eastern part of the small island in the southeast portion of Seirai Island. To unseal the electro totems you will need to clear three Hilicurls camps. The location of the three Hilicurls camps and electro totems is shown below.

Once you have unsealed the electro totems by defeating clearing the Hilicurls camps, hit them with an electro attack to activate them. When the three electro totems are activated, a boss will appear. Defeat the boss and a luxurious chest will appear at the center of the platform with the electro totems.

Luxurious Chest 6/7 (Seirai Stormchasers)

During the ‘Seirai Stormchasers Part 4’ world quest you will have to collect Peculiar Pinion. You will find the Luxurious Chest on the same platform where you find the Peculiar Pinion.

Luxurious Chest 7/7 (Shrine of the Depths)

You will get a luxurious chest inside the Shrines of Depths at the location west of Koseki Village as shown in the picture below. Check the link to know how to get the key for the shrine.

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