SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER – Empty-Handed & Rebellion Lives

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Empty-Handed (Cenote)

ESCAPE THE CENOTE: Run forward, jump and grapple-swing to reach ahead. Keep running forward, after a while you’ll again have to use grapple-swing to move across. After running and jumping for a while you’ll get to a dead end where you’ll have to take a huge leap to end the chase. Now, you’ll have to swim underwater towards the objective marker to end the mission.

Rebellion Lives (The Hidden City)

Reach Paititi

GET OVERHANGING CLIMBING GEAR: You’ll need overhanging climbing gear to climb out of the cave. Hang on to the crabby wall, scale right and jump to the surface on the right. Go ahead  and enter the narrow space on the right. This will start a cut-scene in which Lara will take the overhanging climbing gear from the corpse.

REACH PAITITI: Jump forward to grab the crabby wall, start climbing up and use the overhanging climbing gear to get out of the cave. Keep moving forward. After crawling out of a small tunnel, turn left and jump on the crabby wall. Move up and hang on the crabby roof, move on the roof towards your right, and when you reach the end rappel down, swing in the air and jump towards the surface ahead. Move ahead, jump on the crabby wall, move left using the overhanging climbing gear and climb-up to reach the crabby wall on the top. Take a leap to your left and throw the grapple-axe in mid-air to hold on t the crabby wall ahead of you. Move ahead and cross through the narrow space between the rocks to enter the next area. Jump in the water, break the rubble blocking the path underwater and keep swimming underwater to reach the fisherman’s district of the hidden city. Go to Unuratu’s house, but on the way you’ll get a call from Jonah who will ask you to come to the skull cave. Follow the objective marker to reach the skull cave.

Meet Etzli in Upper Paititi & Enter Temple of Kukulkan

Go through the Paititi market and enter the upper city area. You’re in the serpent guard outfit so, guards will not stop you. Follow the objective marker to reach the upper city area, where you’ll discover a base camp and just ahead of it you’ll meet Etzli. He’ll give you a passcode to enter the Temple a Kukulkan. Move ahead towards the two guards guarding the temple entrance. Lara will tell them the code they’ll allow her to enter the Temple of Kukulkan.

Enter Unuratu's Prison Cell

Exit the Temple of Kukulkan through the door on the right (the same door through which the guards took Unuratu to her cell). After coming you’ll find two guards guarding the bridge (leading to the prison) and they’ll not allow you to go ahead. Go left instead, and jump on the crabby wall, shimmy right, rappel down and wall-run to jump on the crabby wall to the right. This crabby wall will start falling apart. 

Quickly move left and jump on the ledge. Jump on the crabby wall to the left, rappel down, swing in the air and jump on the rocky surface ahead. Run forward, grab the crabby wall on the rocky pillar ahead, and then climb up the rocky pillar. Jump forward, grapple-swing to reach the ledges ahead, shimmy left and climb up. Use rope-tether to cross the river, then jump on the crabby wall to the right. Jump and grab the crabby roof ahead, move right and climb up to reach the ledge. Shimmy right and climb up to enter the prison cell.

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