Shirikoro Peak: All Ishine Script Rock Puzzles | Tsurumi Island | Genshin Impact 2.2

This guide shows how to solve the Ishine Script puzzles in the Shirikoro Peak on Tsurumi Island. Solving these puzzles gives you Stone Slates. There is a total of seven Stone Slates on Tsurumi Island. Collecting all 7 Stone Slate gives you two Luxurious Chests. Click here to see the location of all 7 Stone Slates. To solve the Ishine Script puzzles you will need the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget, which you will get during ‘Octave of the Maushiro‘ World Quest.

1) Shirikoro Peak: Stone Puzzle

At the southern portion of the Shirikoro peak underground, you will find five stones. Use the peculiar Pinion gadget to reveal Ishine Scripts on them. There are 5 Thunderbird statues in the underground area. Use the Peculiar Pinion on them to reveal an Ishine Scrip near them. Hit the stones in the sequence based on how near the statues are from the stones. The correct sequence is shown in the picture below. Hit the stones in this order to solve the puzzle.

2) Shirikoro Peak: Glowing Symbol Puzzle

Use the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget in front of the Thunderbird Statue at the location shown below. This will make some symbols appear on the mountain walls. The clue will be on the wall down below as shown in the third picture. Some of the symbols in the clue will be glowing. You need to activate the same symbols around the wall (Sequence doesn’t matter). Completing the puzzle spawns an exquisite chest.

3) North Shirikoro Peak: Sliding Stone Puzzle

You will find the puzzle at the north of Shirikoro Shrine. To solve this puzzle, move the stones to the front of the tile with the same symbol. This puzzle is quite complicated. Move the stones in 24 steps as shown in the pictures below to solve the puzzle.

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