Shut down Althjof’s Rig | God of War Ragnarok

This walkthrough will guide you on how to complete the objectives “Shut down Althjof’s Rig” of the In Service of Asgard Favor (Side Quest). In Service of Asgard is a Favor (Side Quest) for Raeb in God of War Ragnarok.

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Shut down Althjof’s Rig

Climb up the golden chain after reaching the boat dock of Althjof’s Rig.

Interact with the giant wheel on the right to drop the grappling point one level above the ground (Level 3 as per image).

Go to the left and pull the first grappling point (below lift) to clear the route, then swing across to the opposite side with another grappling point.

Use the fire of your blades to blow up the red barrels and clear the blockage.

Climb up at the end of the floor, and go to the left.

Clear the obstacle to reach the giant wheel (starting location).

After returning to the starting point where you turned the wheel. Rotate the wheel to make the grapple point one floor below the very top – Level 2). Climb up the platform on the left. Then, use the grapple point to swing over to the opposite side.

Climb up and the wall in front of you after landing. Kill all the enemies before interacting with the Mining Rig.

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