Silent Auditorium Skull Location | Halo Infinite Campaign Collectibles

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles (1xSkull) in The Silent Auditorium mission in the Halo Infinite campaign. If you miss a collectible and complete the mission, then you won’t be able to get the collectible without restarting the campaign.

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Play the level until you reach the room as shown in the picture below. This is the room where Sentinels will first appear. Make sure that you do not kill any sentinel as the skull won’t be available if you do.

Proceed forward and after a couple of rooms, you will reach two light bridges as shown in the picture below. Interact with the button to activate the bridge. After crossing the light bridge, the path on the left leads you in the main mission and the second bridge straight ahead leads you to the skull.

Cross the two light bridges and go through the door after the second bridge. If you killed any Sentinel in the mission, then this door will be locked and you won’t get able to go through it. If the door is closed, then reload an old save and replay the mission without killing any Sentinel for the door to be open. If you complete the mission without collecting the skull then you will have to replay the entire campaign again.

Go through the door and jump up the platform at the center of the room as shown in the picture below.

You will find the Bandana Skull on this platform. This skull grants you unlimited Ammo & Grenades and removes the equipment cooldown.

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