Small Cave Shrine Puzzle: Chapter 4 | Resident Evil 4 Remake

This article will guide you on how to solve the “Small Cave Shrine” puzzle in Chapter 4 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake which is released on 24 March 2023.

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Small Cave Shrine Puzzle

Navigate the boat towards the northeast region called the “Small Cave Shrine.” Once there, interact with the console near the locked door and press the three icons in the specified sequence.

To open and solve the Cave Shrine doors puzzle in Resident Evil 4 you have to press three buttons on the console. Look around you for three distinct yellow symbols sprayed around the building walls. The three symbols spray-painted on the walls are pictured below.

Go to the left of the console to find the first symbol near the ladder.

Another two symbols are on the upper section.

Head back to the console and press the three corresponding buttons on the cave shrine in any order, and the door will unlock. You can press the symbol in any order.

Pick up the Blasphemer’s Head from the room that gets unlocked.

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