Someday You’ll Return – Chapter 10: One Last Chance

  • Take the backpack from the tree and start following the old lady, Follow her upto the peak.
  • She’ll ask you to take a look from a summit and report back.
  • Once you’ve reported back to her shell ask you to go and purify a an abominated heard near to the location. 
  •  When you’re about to do stab the heart she’ll tell you that its not the correct way to purify the heart, then she’ll tell you the correct method and give you a recipe that will help you purify the heart.
  • Now you have two options from here, either you can stab the abominated hearts or destroy them. Your choice has impact on the ending.
  • Heart 1: This is the heart the old lady showed you. Stab it or purify it.
  • How to Purify the Heart: Open the inventory and select the angel statue that you picked up from the chapel in chapter 9. Break the statue’s wings. Now select the totem and attach the wings onto the totem. Prepare ‘Purify Heart’ potion. Now first use the potion on the heart and then stab it with the totem.
  • From here move ahead in the only available path. After some time you’ll reach a location where you can see a beast up ahead on a rock (See Picture 1 Below) . Daniel will shout at him.
  • Move ahead. After sometime you’ll reach a big vertical cylindrical pipe. Use Statis Totem on the soft ground there to create path to reach it (See Picture 2,3,4 Below)
  • Heart 2: Its inside this big vertical cylindrical pipe. You can again stab it or purify it.
  • Now move ahead. After a little while you’ll reach a bunker.
  •  Inside the bunker a chase sequence will start. Run and jump into the water. Theres a platform at the center of the water with whispering flies. Use your medallion to interact with it.
  •  Climb through the wall there and move ahead to exit the bunker.
  • Move ahead. After a little while you see a rope hanging (See Picture 5 Below). Take it. This will start a chase sequence.
  •  Run as the chase sequence starts. You’ll come to a place with ledges to cross (See Picture 6 Below). Ledge on the left has a totem. Throw it down then return back and cross through using the right ledge.
  • As you finish the right ledge use the totem on the soft land at the right corner to get to the totem on the other side (See Picture 7 Below).
  • Throw down the totem. Comeback and then move up the inclined ledge (See Picture 8 Below). Move on this path and the chase sequence will end.
  • Get down. Then climb a wall. Cross a ledge. Drop down again and enter a passage.
  • Get out of the passage through the other side. and move ahead on the path to get to Heart 3. You can again stab it or purify it.
  • After the third heart is taken care of, turn back and move down on the next path. Use Statis Totem to cross over.
  • Move ahead and clear your path using Statis Totem. Eventually you’ll come to a location with an inclined concrete pipe (See Picture 9 Below).
  • Turn left and use statis totem on the soft groung. This will create a path on top. Go up the inclined pipe, turn left and cross the newly created path (See Picture 10 Below)
  • Again use the statis totem on the soft ground. cross the newly created path. use statis totem again creating a new path. cross it and drop down.
  •  This segment also wont have a clear path to go (See Picture 11 Below). 
  • Use the statis totem to create a crossing (See Picture 12 Below)
  • Cross it. use statis totem again to create a new crossing. cross it too. enter a passage.
  • After some time you’ll find the old lady and this will end the chapter. climb a wall to reach a new segment.
  • In this segment use the statis totem on the ground next to the door (See Picture 13 Below)
  • This will lift the concrete to expose soft ground (See Picture 14 Below). Use statis totem on the soft ground to lift another concrete and expose soft soil. use statis totem again to create a path going up. cross it and use statis totem on soft soil to create path forward. cross it and climb the wall.
  • Use statis totem to clear the path. enter the passage. exit the passage and the climb the wall on the right side 
  • Above you’ll meet the old lady. This will end the chapter.

Someday You'll Return Chapter 10 Walkthrough

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