The Children of God Shall Dance: Hidden Achievement | Genshin Impact 2.4 Enkanomiya

This guide will show you how to complete the “The Children of God Shall Dance” hidden achievement in the Enkanomiya area, which was introduced in the Genshin Impact 2.4 update. To complete “The Children of God Shall Dance ” you first need to finish “The Phaethons’ Syrtos” world quest and then need to find 7 afterimages.

How to complete ‘The Phaethons Syrtos’ world quest.
How to get ‘Divine Bridle’

You will also need to complete another quest ‘Hyperion’s Dirge‘. This will activate a platform where Divine Bridge is used.

After you have completed the ‘ The Phaethons’ Syrtos‘ world quest or have placed Divine Bridle in the water, the spirits of the children will be released. In the second part of this hidden achievement, you need to find all 7 children afterimages.

#1 Surepio

Look south of the platform and you’ll see a crumbling bridge. The next afterimage can be found after crossing the bridge.

#2 Risutaiosu

This location is right from the ruined bridge where you find the previous afterimage. You will discover a small nook to the right and below the ruined bridge. The afterimage of the child is in there.

#3 Rikoru 

While standing on the platform where you have placed Divine Bridle, looks north. If Evernight is active, you should see Rikoru. You will also find overnight/whitenight mechanism on the right.

#4 Isumenasu

This afterimage is a level below the previous afterimage (Rikoru) and just below the overnight/whitenight mechanism. Reaching this afterimage is a bit tricky. First, you need to jump aside to tag the Essence tree as shown below image, then climb up to change to Whitenight to remove the barrier.

Jump inside the small room and transfer the essence to the Triangular Mechanism. Also, you can hit it while it’s Whitenight to move the wall and get a chest behind it.

Finally, climb back and swap to Evernight and jump down again. This time you will be able to speak with Isumenasu

#5 Piramumon

This afterimage is located northwest of the platform where you have placed Divine Bridle. Climb up the ruined wall and pillars at the marked location and jump down. You will see the afterimage on a ledge.

#6 Orupeusu

This afterimage is located on the west of the platform where you have placed Divine Bridle. I have marked the location on the map. Cross the starlight bridge and you will find the afterimage on the left.

#7 Ion

The last afterimage is located west of the previous afterimage location as marked on the map. Go west to find a small nook with a collapsed wall. You will find Ion after image there.

Finding speaking with all seven afterimages you will get The Children of God Shall Dance achievement

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