The Final Challenges Favor | God of War Ragnarok

This guide shows how to solve the favor (Sub-Quest) “The Final Challenges” in God of War Ragnarok. There are 15 Muspelheim Trials (Challenges). Completing all Trials of Muspelheim unlocks the Trials by Fire trophy.

How to Reach Muspelheim 

To reach Muspelheim you must first find two Muspelheim Seed Pieces from Legendary Chests in Svartalfheim.

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Starting Point: The Final Challenges

Head to The Crucible area after collecting both the Muspelheim Seed Pieces. Here you need to complete the first 6 Crucible Trials (The Crucible Favor) in the sub-arena behind the smithing shop. Interact with the giant sword at the central arena (near Nornir Chest) to initiate the Favor – The Final Challenges.

The Crucible Puzzle Solution

There are 3 paths going to different sub-arenas with a giant sword (left, center, right) in the east direction. Each sub-arena offers a unique set of challenges: You need to clear two challenges in each set sub-arena. After doing the first 6 challenges (3 x 2 = 6 total) the Nornir Chest will get unlocked.

  • F Sub-Arena:
    • Weapon Mastery
    • Flawless
  • N Sub-Arena:
    • Feed the Rift
    • Ring out
  • R Sub-Arena:
    • Population Control
    • King of the Hill

The Final Challenges Walkthrough

Complete the 6 trials to finish “The Crucible” Favor. Then return to the Nornir Chest to get a Chaos Flame.

Complete The Final 9 Trials

Interact with the giant sword near Nornir Chest to initiate the Favor – The Final Challenges.

In this favor a total of 9 challenges you need to do.

  • A new challenge spawns at each of the sub-arena (Total 3)
  • 6 Final challenges at the central sword

Important: In order to access the Final 6 challenges, you will need to do 2 challenges from different sub-arena to spawn a new challenge at the central sword.

Using three sub-arena we can create 6 combinations for all 6 Final Challenges. Below are all 6 combinations:

  • Sub-arena 1 + Sub-arena 2: Endurance Challenge
  • Sub-arena 3 + Sub-arena 2: Boss Rush Challenge
  • Sub-arena 1 + Sub-arena 3: Shield Breaker Challenge
  • Sub-arena 3 + Sub-arena 1: Phantom Challenge
  • Sub-arena 2 + Sub-arena 1: Ring of Fire Challenge
  • Sub-arena 2 + Sub-arena 3: Onslaught Challenge


That’s all 15 of the Muspelheim Trials and finishes “The Final Challenges” Favor in God of War Ragnarok. This also unlocks the Trials by Fire trophy.

  • The Crucible Favor ( 6 Challenges)
  • The Final Challenges
    • A new challenge at each of the sub-arena (Total 3)
    • 6 Final challenges at the central sword (Total 6)

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