The First Descendant: The Traces Continue Record Location

The First Descendent: Follow their Traces

This guide shows how to complete The Traces Continue quest in The First Descendent, released on 2nd July 2024. This is a special storyline quest that is only available for Bunny.

Quest Description: Find records related to her parents in the Ruins in Vespers.
Faint signals are coming from a high altitude location somewhere close to the Void Fragments in the Ruins. Investigate the top of the Ruins Structures.

For those who don’t have Vespers unlocked, it is the name of one of the regions in the game. Progress in the main story until you unlock Vespers. Complete the main story missions in the vespers to unlock free roam on Vespers.

Once you have unlocked free roam on Vesper’s, you can now go and collect the record. The location of the record is marked on the map below. It is near the void fragment as shown below. Climb up the wall on the east side of the Void Fragment, and you will find the record at its edge as shown in the pictures below. Listen to the record to complete the quest.

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