Thieves in Training: Nier Replicant Quest (Guide)

How to Complete Thieves in Training Quest in Nier Replicant

Talk to Item Shop Owner in Nier’s Village to get the quest. You need to find some thieves that have been stealing items.

Now, Talk to three villagers with quest speech bubbles in the marketplace for the clue.

    • The First-person: Standing near the fountain on the left.
    • The second person: An old man sitting near barrels.
    • Third-person: Before blacksmith shop at the southern gate

The conclusion is the kids hanging out by the waterwheel are involve. Head to the kids near the water wheel and chat with them to find out that their father put them up to it. Take the stairs at the start of the market area to reach the waterwheel.

Now head back to the tavern and speak with the man at the bar and finally go back to the item shop owner to complete the quest and get a reward of 3000 golds.

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