Valheim Bonemass: How To Defeat and Tips & Tricks

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Valheim Bonemass Boss fight tips & tricks

The Bonemass is the third boss of Valheim. It is a large creature that is full of bones and gushes out poisonous gas. Like previous bosses, Bonemass too needs to be summoned at particular Bonemass Mystical Altar. Bonemass is located in Swamp Biome.

Valheim Bonemass Location and How to summon Bonemass

Bonemass needs to be summoned at Mystical Altar inside swamp Biome. First, you need to locate the swamp biome by exploring the shores. Once the swamp biome is located player has to use Swamp Key to unlock “Sunken Crypts” to collect withered bone. These withered bones need to be offered at Bonemass Mystical Altar.

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Bonemass valheim swep green poison in boss fight

Tips and Tricks : Valheim Bonemass Boss

Use Blunt Weapon: The best strategy to defeat Bonemass is by attacking him with blunt weapons. Fully upgrade iron mace. You can use an Stagbreaker, iron sledgehammer and wooden club.

upgarde Iron max to max level before bonemass boss fight

Upgrade Banded Sheild and Iron armor set

Update fully your armor from leather base to iron base. Muddy Scrap Piles inside sunken crypt is a good source of iron scrap. At the same time upgrade the banded shield to stop bonemass attack.

maximize Iron armor set valheim before bonemass boss fight
Upgrade Banded sheild valheim

Poison Resistance Mead

Prepare Poison resistance mead using fermentor. Poison resistance mead is highly effective against Bonemass. Also keep Healing Mead.

Poison resistance mead valheim
Healing mead in valheim Boss fight

Before summoning bonemass you need to maximize your health by eating different kinds of foods available. Also, Maximize your stamina by taking adequate rest. 

Bonemass uses poison to attack if you get too close. It spews a cloud of green poison gas. Try to stay out of the poisonous cloud.

Use Eikthyr Power to reduce stamina drain from running and jumping

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