Tower of Fantasy: All Ruin D-01 Chest Locations

This guide shows where to find chests at Ruin D-01 in the game Tower of Fantasy, launched on 11th August 2022. 

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#1 Ruin Chest (Easy)

As you enter the Ruin D-01 you’ll encounter an NPC called Fufu. You can accept the side quest from him and then proceed up two sets of the ledge. Defeat all the opponents up the ledges.

Go to the left of the stone stairs to find a small room with roots dangling down. The first chest is located on top of a stone pillar in a room covered by roots.

#2 Ruin Chest (Easy)

The second one is on top of the stone structure at the start of the laser puzzle room. Use the Omnium Handcannon to reach the second chest above the structure.

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