Tower of Fantasy: List of all the Artificial Island Boss locations

This guide shows the location of all List of Targets in Artificial Island of the game Tower of Fantasy, which was released on 15th September 2022. There are a total of 7 rare monsters in Artificial Island.

#1 Devourer 

You can find Devourer in the Ring Arena area. You can use Volt as the weapon skill to defeat the Devourer.

#2 Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon 

 FrostFire Dragon Boss spawns in the Eagle’s Nest. Use the Spacerift teleport to the south of Rusty Camp as marked on the map.

Go in the south direction and look up into the sky to find a portal.

Climb up the nearby mountain and giant pipe to reach the portal. once you enter the portal you will get transferred to the top of Spacerift Eyrie, where you will find Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon.

#3 Rust Philly

Philly is a level-70 helicopter-riding monster. You can locate Philly on the bottom part of the Base Zero area.
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#4 Type X Patrol Droid: Lockdown

Type X Patrol Droid: Lockdown mainly spawns and patrols the road between Rusty Iron Camp and Mine Base area.
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#5 Big Rat (Type S12 Security Droid )

It’s a level 70 monster. You can find him at Mine Base. There are five possible spawn locations of Big Rat.
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#6 Otto

There are five possible spawn locations for Otto.
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#7 Guanglong 

You can find the monster near Spacerift, southwest of Ring Arena, and west of the Ring Arena area.
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