Tsurumi Island: All Lightning Strike Probe Puzzles | Genshin Impact 2.2

There are a total of four Lightning Strike probe puzzles in the Tsurumi island of the Inazuma region. Tsurumi island was introduced in Genshin Impact 2.2 update on 13th October 2021. This article shows how to solve all the Lightning Strike Probe puzzles in Tsurumi island. But first I will start by explaining how these puzzles work.

How Lightning Strike Probe Works

Lightning Strike probe is a device found in Inazuma, a newly introduced area in Genshin Impact 2.0 update released on 21st July 2021. The device has a compass attached to the top that points towards objects charged with electro element.

On the base of the Lightning Strike Probe, there is a protruding edge representing the direction in which the compass needs to be pointed (See the picture below). Use electro element to make the compass point in the correct direction and this will make the device glow, as shown in the second picture below. Once the device starts glowing, it will keep glowing only for a small period of time. To complete the Lightning Strike Probe puzzle, you will need to make all the devices glow simultaneously.

1) Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle on the East Side

You will find two Lightning Strike Probes at the highlighted location and an Electro Seelie floating around. Get electro charge from the Seelie and stand in front of the protruding edge of one of the probes to activate it. The Electro Seelie will float in front of the other probe to activate it. When both the probes are activated simultaneously, the puzzle will be solved.

2) 3 Lightning Strike Probes on the mountains

You will find three Lightning Strike Probes and an Electrogranum Plant at the location shown below. Two of the probes are across the gap on the west side and one probe is inside some bushes behind the electrogranum plant. The locations of the probes are shown below. Summon electrogranum from the plant and activate the three probes to solve the puzzle.

3) Autake Plains: Lightning Strike Probes Puzzle

There are three Lightning Strike Probes at the location shown below in Autake Plain. Near the probes, you can see an Electro Seelie and a few pillars. Hitting a pillar with an electro attack will make the Seelie float and come above it. Hit the pillar as shown in the second picture below. Then get electro charge from the Seelie and activate the three probes to solve the puzzle and get an Exquisite Chest.

4) West of Autake Plains: Lightning Strike Probes Puzzle

There are three Lightning Strike Probes on a small landmass west of Autake Plain as shown below. Get charged from the ores near the probes and then activate the probes to solve the puzzle.

5) Shirikoro Peak: Lightning Strike Probes Puzzle

To reach the locations of the probes, you will need the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget, which you will get during ‘Octave of the Maushiro‘ World Quest.

Jump down to the Shirikoro peak Underground. Turn left before going through the first door as shown below.

Then turn left and go down. here you will see a wall with a Thunderbird picture on it. Use the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget in front of the wall. This will make the wall disappear revealing a secret room.

Inside the secret room, you will find a room with a few Lighting Strike Probesand three Electro Seelie around it. This puzzle is a bit difficult and there is no easy trick to complete it.

When you go near a Seelie it will move near another probe. You have to activate three probes using the three Seelies’ and activate the fourth Seelie by getting electro charge from the Seelies’ and standing in front of the Probe. On solving the puzzle, a precious chest will spawn.

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