Upgrade Freddy: Get Roxy’s Eyes and Upgrade Freddy with Roxy’s Eyes | Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach (2021). This guide will show how you can get Roxy’s eyes and upgrade Freddy with Roxy’s eyes in mission Upgrade Freddy of Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach.

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This mission starts after you have completed the mission “Stop Roxy” at the Roxy Raceway by installing the head on the kart in Roxy Raceway. Your first goal here is to get back to Roxy’s Eyes.

Get Roxy’s Eyes

After the cutscene, Interact with the crushed body of Roxy to extract her eyes. Use the nearby Save-Point to save the game as Roxy will attack and chase you from here.

At this point without eyes, Roxy can still smell and hear you. Stand in front of a wooden door near Save-point and dash when Roxy jumps on you as shown below. This will break the wooden door.

Quickly enter this new room and crouch through the wall on the left as shown below. Let Roxy break the second wooden door on the other wall. 

Crouch back through the wall, pass the 2nd wooden door, and then the metal door as shown below.

Again, crouch through the wall after the metal door and stand in front of the third wooden door. Wait for Roxy to jump on you and break the third door as shown below images.

Go to the next room and continue the zig-zig path along the burning floor to each other side of the room where you will find a vent. Enter into the vent and come out on another side as shown below.

After coming out of the vent follow the linear path and go upstairs to reach the Roxy Raceway main area again. 

Now, Head to the Racekart location where you have left Freddy earlier and exit the Roxy Raceway as shown below image.

Upgrade Freddy with Roxy’s Eyes

After leaving Roxy Raceway head to Level-1. Push the button on the main stage and this will take you down to Basement-2. Enter the door with the B2 sign and sprint towards the two red doors. This will lead you to Parts and Services.  Refer to the below images for reference.

Use the computer in the middle of the room and select “Ocular Upgrade”. Head inside the protective cylinder room and follow the steps correctly to upgrade Freddy’s eyes.

  • Press the button to interact with the machine
  • Remove Freddy’s Nose
  • Remove chest cavity
  • Disconnect ocular wire – match the color as displayed on the screen
  • Connect ocular wire – match the color as displayed on the screen

Come out of the protective room and select the option “Finish Upgrade”. And with that, you defeated Foxy and used her Eyes to upgrade Freddy. 

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