Valorant Abilities Explained | All Agents Abilities and Background

  • Post published:June 18, 2020
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All agents in Valorant come with 4 unique abilities. Abilities are important because they define what role an agent plays in the team. Agent abilities are of 3 types:

  • Signature Ability: This ability is present by default at the start of each round. Once the signature ability is used it takes some time to recharge. Each agent signature ability takes different amount of time to recharge.
  • 2 Purchaseble abilities: Each agent has 2 ability that needs to be purchased at the start of each round. If the abilities remain unused during a round then it is carried to the next round.
  • Ultimate ability: Ultimate ability is the most powerful ability of the agents. It can be used only after it has been fully charge. Ultimate ability is charged based on number of kills, rounds played and ultimate points collected.

List of Agents | their Background and abilities

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