Watatsumi Island: All Lightning Strike Probe Puzzles | Genshin Impact 2.1

There are a total of six Lightning Strike probe puzzles in the Watatsumi island of the Inazuma region. Watatsumi island was introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1 update on 1st September 2021. This article shows how to solve all the Lightning Strike Probe puzzles in Watatsumi island. But first I will start by explaining how these puzzles work.

How Lightning Strike Probe Works

Lightning Strike probe is a device found in Inazuma, a newly introduced area in Genshin Impact 2.0 update released on 21st July 2021. The device has a compass attached to the top that points towards objects charged with electro element.

On the base of the Lightning Strike Probe, there is a protruding edge representing the direction in which the compass needs to be pointed (See the picture below). Use electro element to make the compass point in the correct direction and this will make the device glow, as shown in the second picture below. Once the device starts glowing, it will keep glowing only for a small period of time. To complete the Lightning Strike Probe puzzle, you will need to make all the devices glow simultaneously.

1) Suigetsu Pool Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle

You will find a 4-Probe puzzle at the top of the Suigetsu pool. In front of each probe, you will see a sealed electro pillar. Activate all 4 probes by making the compass of the probe point towards its protruding edge. This will unseal all 4 electro pillars. Now activate all the four electro pillars by striking them with electro attacks. When all the four electro pillars are activated, the water inside the pool will lower halfway down. Click here to see how to completely drain out the water from the Suigetsu pool.

2) Suigetsu Pool Underground: Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle

You will find two Lightning Strike Probes in the underground area of Suigetsu Pool. To get in the underground area, you will need to drain out the water from the pool first. Click here to see how to drain out the water from the Suigetsu pool. You have to solve this puzzle to get a Relay Stone. Click here to see the complete walkthrough of the Relay Stone Puzzle.

After you have drained out the water, go to the top of the pool and jump down into the circular area where the Domain gate is present. Go down the corridor (opposite the domain gate) and turn left in the middle of the corridor to reach the area with the lightning probe. The relay stone is in the room behind the iron gate. (Note: This lightning probe is locked now).

Unlock the lightning probe: Interact with the statue which is to the right of the locked iron gate. An Electro-Seelie will appear. Follow the Electro-Seelie and note the order in which it touches the 4 Pylons (Electro totems) in this area. The first 2 pylons are in the room in front of the statue. The door to this room can be opened by interacting with the switch on its right. Hit the 4 Pylons with electrical attacks in the same order in which the Electro-Seelie touched these Pylons. This will unlock the lightning probe.

Activating the two Lightning Probes: The wall behind the statue has a window as shown in the picture below. Jump through the window and get to the other side. You’ll find another lightning probe here (you need to activate both of these lightning probes to open the locked iron gate). Move ahead and open the iron door (the switch is on its left) to reach the electrogranum plant which is on the left side of the stairs. Summon an electrogranum and then activate both the lightning probes. This will open the iron gates leading to the relay stone

3) Bourou Village Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle

There is a 3-Probe puzzle at the highlighted location south of Bourou Village. Solving the Puzzle here will help you to get to an electroculus that is high up in the air. At the highlighted location you will find three Lightning Strike Probes. Summon Electrogranum from the plant nearby to get electro charge. Then activate the three probes by standing at the front of the protruding edge of the probes. When the three probes are activated, two thunder spheres will appear in the area. Use the thunder spheres to jump on the broken platform underneath the electroculus (The broken platform will join when you have Electrogranum with you) From the top of the platform, again jump above using the thunder sphere to reach the Electroculus.

4) Mouun Shrine Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle

On the south side of Mouun Shrine, you will find a Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle. There are three Lightning Strike Probes here and all three probes are sealed. North of the probes you will see a statue with an immovable Electro Seelie above it as shown in the second picture below. Pay respect to the statue to unseal the Lightning Strike Probes.

To solve the Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle you need to activate all three probes. There are two moving Electro Seelies near the probes. Electro Seelie will keep changing position from one probe to another. Get charged from the Electro Seelie and stand in front of one of the three probe’s protruding edge to activate it. The other two will be activated when Electro Seelies change position and get in front of them. When all the three probes are activated simultaneously, the puzzle will be solved and the Electro Seelie above the statue will start moving. Chase the Electro Seelie to its court to complete the puzzle. This puzzle is one part of the two-part puzzle that gives you a Luxurious chest in the Mouun Shrine. Click here to see the complete walkthrough to get the Luxurious chest here.

5) Sangonomiya Shrine East Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle

You will find 4 Lightning Strike Probes east of Sangonomiya Shrine as shown in the picture below. Probe number 3 in the below picture is behind the mountain and not visible here. In the puzzle region, you will also find two moving Electro Seelie. Get electro-charged from the moving Electro Seelie and activate probe numbers 2 & 3. Probe 1 & 4 will get activated automatically from the moving Seelie.

6) Sangonomiya Shrine Waterfall Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle

There are four Probes north of the Sangonomiya shrine as shown in the picture below. One of the probes is inside a Thunder Barrier. Summon electrogranum and switch off the barrier. Here you can get electro charge from the electrogranum and also from the electro crystal. Get the electro charge and activate all four probes by standing in front of its protruding edge. This will solve the puzzle and an exquisite chest will spawn.

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