Watatsumi Island: Game of Temari Challenge | Genshin Impact 2.1

Game of Temari challenges is spread across the Inazuma region. You will get the Game of Temari Challenges by talking to a little boy named Kid Kujirai. To get the challenges, you will need to complete the ‘Temaria Game’ World Quest first.

To start the Temari Challenge in Watatsumi Island, talk to Kid Kujirai at the location as shown in the picture below. On talking to Kid Kujiria he will give you three challenges to find Temari within a time limit of thirty seconds. This article shows how to complete all three ‘Find the Temari’ challenges in Watatsumi Island. Click here to see a walkthrough of all the ‘Game of Temari’ Challenges in the Inazuma region.

Game of Temari Challenge 1

The Temari is on the mountain summit at the northwest side of your starting position. East of Temari there is an electrogranum plant. Summon Electrogranum and use it to jump and reach the summit containing the Temari as shown below.

Game of Temari Challenge 2

Go to the phase gate on the northeast side of Kid Kujirai. Enter the phase gate from the backside and travel west. Stop at the mountain with another phase gate and an Electrogranum plant as shown in the second picture below. Summon Electrogranum and use it to jump to the mountain on the east side and get the Temari as shown below.

Game of Temari Challenge 3

Go to the summit where you found the first Temari. Use the thunder sphere here to jump south to the mountain near the waterfall. Temari will be lying here near an Electrogranum plant. once you have completed the challenge you will get a precious chest.

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