How to get the Watchtower Key | Find the key on the island | God of War Ragnarok

How to get the Watchtower Key

This guide shows how to complete the Find the key on the island objective in the Weight of Chains favor/ side quest in God of War Ragnarok. Click here for the complete walkthrough of the Weight of Chains.

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Find the key on the island

You get the when you arrive on the small island at the center of the Bay of Bounty as shown in the picture below. Your first objective will be to find the key on the island.

Get down off the boat and clear the golden debris on the right side by blowing up the explosive barrel as shown in the picture below. Then proceed ahead on the path and climb the wall at the end. Then destroy another golden debris as shown in the second picture below. This will reveal some ledges.

Walk on the ledges to reach the other side as shown in the picture below. There you will find a wooden crank. Rotate it to send the lift down. While holding the crank, throw your axe at the gear as shown in the second picture below to freeze the gear and hold the lift down.

Now go back to the ledges and move to the top of the lift that you just sent down. When you are on top of the lift, summon back the axe, and the lift will take you to the top. From there, jump down on the cracked floor to smash and go into the room underneath it. You will find the Watchtower Key inside the chest in the room.

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