Well of Urd Legendary Chest Location | God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok: Legendary Chest Location

This guide shows the location of the Legendary Chest and how to get it in the Well of Urd area of the Midgard Region in God of War Ragnarok. Click here for the Well of Urd complete collectibles guide.

Legendary Chest (Rönd of Purification – Shield Attachment)

Climb up the mountain wall behind the Nornir chest using the hooks on the walls as shown in the pictures below.

When you are at the top, squeeze through the ice wall there as shown in the picture below.

Climb up the wall ahead by following the path marked by yellow arrows in the picture below.

After reaching the top, hang down from the ledge. Then smash the wall in the front as shown in the pictures below to get the legendary chest.

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