What was Talia doing in this lab? | Gotham Knights

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the objective “What was Talia doing in this lab?” in Case 7 of the game Gotham Knights. In this case, you need to enter Arkham Asylum and interact with the lab table to start the puzzle.

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The way most of the puzzles work in the game is by connecting 2 correct clues. Mark a clue on the left and a clue on the right by pressing Square (PlayStation) / X (Xbox), then confirm with Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox). If the chosen clues are correct, a green checkmark will appear; otherwise, a red line will show for the incorrect clues.

What was Talia doing in this lab? – Puzzle Solution

You must connect two clues: Pink Serum (2nd from left) + Genetic Marker Group M (2nd from right).

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