Where To Find The Grave Walker | The First Descendant (Bunny Mission)

The First Descendant: Grave Walker Location

This guide shows where to find Grave Walker to obtain Bunny Suit Advanced Material for Bunny’s Suit quest in The First Descendent, released on 2nd July 2024. You will get this objective after you talk to Bunny in Kingston at the location shown in the second picture below and do her quest (Slumber Valley).

After completing the Slumber Valley quest, go back to Albion and talk to Guide and Seneca. After completing the dialogues, pull up the map and go to the Void Interceptor Battle as shown in the picture below. Enter the battle in Normal Mode and then fight the Grave Walker. After the boss fight, collect your loot. You will get three options to choose from as shown in the third picture below. Select the Bunny Code material.

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