How to Do Why So Still Request: New Pokemon Snap

Why So Still Request: Swampert 4 Star Pose | New Pokemon Snap Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘Why so Still’ request. The request is to snap a picture of Swampert throwing mud.

    • Go to the Founja Jungle (Night)
    • Scan near the swamp when prompted to access it (the left route).
    • Prior to accessing the swamp route, you need to prompt Leafeon to enter before you! Throw a Fluffruit at Leafeon’s rear end and it will enter the swamp route.
    • Once inside the swamp area use the Melody player to have the 3 Ariados (spisders) lunge downward, which will spook Leafeon & it will run into the swamp with Swampert.
    • Swampert will come out now. Throw Illumina Orb on Swampert and it will start throwing mud (4-star pose) on Leafeon. Take a picture to complete the request.

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