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This guide shows the complete walkthrough for Bloody Finger Hunter Yura in Elden Ring. You will get Eleonora’s Poleblade Twinblade by doing this quest.

Yura’s first location (Quest Start Location)

You will find Yura under a bridge in the southern portion of Limgrave as shown in the pictures below. He will warn you to steer clear of Agheel Lake, as a Dragon rests there.

Kill the Dragon in Agheel Lake

Go to Agheel Lake, which is north of the location where you found Yura. Kill the dragon there and it will drop a Dragon Heart.

Report Back to Yura

Go and talk to Yura at the previous location. He will tell you to use the Dragon Heart in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. The Cathedral of Dragon Communion is on the southern portion of Caelid. You can use the Dragon Heart there to learn powerful incantations. Click here for the Video Walkthrough for how to use the Dragon Heart.

Fight Bloody Finger Nerijus

Go to Murkwater Cave, which is north of Agheel Lake as shown below. You will be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus outside the Murkwater Cave. During the fight, Yura will come to help you. Bloody Finger Nerijus will drop Reduvia Dagger. If Yura dies during the fight, the quest will end.

After the fight, follow the river and go north until you reach an overpass as shown in the pictures below. Here you will find Yura again. Talk to him and he will tell you that he hunts Bloody Fingers.

Assist Yura in the Academy of Raya Lucaria

Make your way to the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace in the Academy of Raya Lucaria as shown below.

From there, go to the bridge on the northeast side. Here you will find a red summon sign. Interact with it to assist Yura. In Yura’s World, you will have to fight Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin. He will drop Ash of War: Raptor of the Mists. If Yura dies in this fight, he won’t die in the game.

After the fight, you will find Yura standing near the location where you found the Red Summon Symbol. He will tell you that he is hunting for Bloody Finger Eleonara.

Bloody Finger Eleonara Location

Go to the Second Church of Marika in the Altus Plateau (You reach Altus Plateau by using the Grand Lift of Dectus).

You will find Yura lying injured inside the church. After talking to him, he will die and you will receive Nagakiba sword from him. At this point, you will be attacked by Bloody Finger Eleonara. Kill him and he will drop Eleonora’s Poleblade twinblade.

Meet Shabriri in Zamor Ruins

Go to Zamor Ruins, which is on the north side of the Grand Lift of Rold, as shown in the pictures below.

Here you will meet Shabriri. He will tell you that previously this body was Yura’s vessel, but now he has quired it after Yura’s death. He will try to convince you to take the path of the Frenzied Flame, which leads to the Lord of the Frenzied Flame bad ending. You can kill Shabriri to get Ronin’s Armor Set.

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