A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure: Hidden Achievement | Genshin Impact 2.1

A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure” is a hidden achievement that you can get on Watatsumi Island of the Inazuma region. Watatsumi Island was introduced on 1st September 2021. You will also get a Precious chest on completing this achievement. This article shows step by step process to unlock the “A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure” achievement.

Step 1: Complete ‘Divine Plant of Depths’ World Quest

You will get the ‘Divine Plant of Depths’ world quest by talking to an old woman named Komaki in Bourou Village at the location as shown below. This is a simple quest which you can easily complete by just following the objective markers.

Step 2: Granny Komaki’s Day 1 Challenge

After completing the ‘Divine Plant of Depths’ world quest, talk to Komaki and choose the “Please help me tell my fortune” dialogue option. She will tell you that you will find a fortune at the highest point of Watatsumi Island. Go to Mouun Shrine on the western part of Watatsumi Island. Here you will find four Electro Seelie as shown in the pictures below. Chase them to the 4 lamps and a common chest will spawn.

You will also find a Luxury Chest in Mouun Shrine. Click here for the walkthrough.

Step 3: Get Granny Komaki’s Day 2 Challenge

Go back to Granny Komaki the next day (Real Life Day) and again ask your fortune. She will tell you that you will have an ill-fated and unexpected encounter in a cave in the south of Watatsumi Island.

Step 4: Unlock A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure Achievement

Go to the small cave on the beach southwest of Bourou Village as shown in the picture below and read the “Treasure Hoarder’s Note” kept on the table.

After reading the note, go to the Treasure’s camp at the east of Sangonomiya Shrine as shown in the picture below. Clear the camp and then open the Exquisite Treasure there. You will get “Rinzou’s Letter” from the chest.

Now go back to the small camp where you found the “Treasure Hoarder’s Note“. In front of the table where you found the note, you will now get an option to dig the ground. Dig the ground to get a Precious Chest. Open the chest to unlock “A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure” achievement.

You are not done yet. You have to search for 8 Rinzou’s Face Symbols and get treasures buried in front of it. Finding all eight of Rinzou’s face symbols also unlocks ‘Long John Silver’ achievement. Click here to see the walkthrough to unlock the ‘Long John Silver’ achievement.

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