Araumi Cleansing Defilement Barrier Guide & Sacred Sakuna Cleansing Ritual | Genshin Impact 2.0

This article shows how to complete ‘The Secret Sakura Cleansing Ritual’ at Araumi. The cleansing ritual requires destroying the barrier at Araumi, which is also a part of the ‘Cleansing Defilement’ World Quest.

Electro Totem Puzzle

At Araumi you will find a tower at the location as shown in the picture below. At the southern end, there is a tree attached to the tower with two Electro totems near it (See picture 2 below). Hit the tomem with an electric element and the totem will glow.

Now go behind the tree. Near the tower, you will find a totem with five blocks around it. Hit the totem at the top right corner three times (See picture below). This will make the glowing part of the blocks turn towards you and a chest will appear in front of the electro totem (See the second picture below). Loot the chest and then hit the totem with an electric element and make it glow.

Turn around and go east. Nearby you will find another totem as shown in the picture below to make it glow. Once all the four electro totems are glowing go back to the starting location near the tree attached to the tower. You will now be able to access the block under the tree (See picture 2 below). Interact with the tree and it opens a path to enter the tower. Climb up the tower and jump inside it where you will find a precious chest and another puzzle.

Tower Memento Puzzle

Inside the basement, you will find three statuettes of the earth kitsune. Open your gadgets menu and select Memento Lens. Use the memento lens to observe the three statues which will make three electro blocks appear behind them as shown in the pictures below. Interacting with the three blocks will open a path and you will drop down.

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Get Scroll Shaped Ward by Crossing Electro Barrier

As you drop down to the tower basement you will find a barrier to destroy. To start the puzzle you will need a Scroll Shaped Wand, which you will find an Electro barrier. Use the Memento Lens to observe the statuette of the earth and a plant will emerge behind it as shown in the picture below. Summon Electrogranum from the plant and use it to cross the electro barrier. Behind the barrier, attack the fox statue (See the second picture below) with an Electro attack, and a Scroll Shaped Ward will appear. Collect the ward.

Araumi Destroy the Barrier Puzzle

As you enter the puzzle area, interact with the shrine in front and use the Scroll-Shaped Ward to start the puzzle. There are two fox statues in the room that you need to observe with Memento Lens for the Shrines to appear. One fox is behind the barrier on the right side and the other on the left corner of the room (See first and second pictures below).

There is a total of five shrines in the room. Adjust the shrines to the sequences as shown in the third picture below. The numbers in the picture below represent the number of wings above the shrine. For example, if the number is ‘2’ that means you need to adjust the shrine so that 2 wings appear above it. Adjust the first shrine to count 1. Adjust the two shrines behind the barrier to count 2. Adjust the shrines on the left and the right side of the room to count 3. After completing the puzzle, Ochimusha will appear. Defeat it to complete Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.

Araumi Cleansing Defilement Barrier Guide & Sacred Sakuna Cleansing Ritual
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