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Orobashi’s Legacy is a World Quest in Inazuma. It is split into five parts. This is a tutorial on how to finish Orobashi’s Legacy part I. The Orobashi’s Legacy questline is launched by speaking to a worker named Kaji at a camp between Fort Fujitou and Musoujin Gorge on Yashiori Island. I have marked the location on the map. Speaking with Kaji is basically the prologue of the entire quest chain and subsequent parts will require you to complete puzzles.

Kaji asks for help from the travelers to help him repair the ward. There are few parts missing in the ward that needs to be fixed. He informs that ward will release a burst of energy on staring at it.

Observe the Ward

You need to investigate the ward – Narukami Pillar which is a little bit behind the point where you interact with kaji. Location is marked with the quest indicator. When you will interact with the ward, it will tell you that two critical components are needed to repair the pillar.

Search for the missing part to repair the ward

To search for missing parts you must use Elementary Sight to look around. While you scan the area, it will eventually bring you down to a place with a purple ball encircled by a dome and several monsters. It’s better to defeat all of the monsters encircling the dome before attempting to solve the puzzle.

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How to solve Orobashi’s Legacy I Puzzle

The puzzle involves making use of mechanisms called Sacred Stone Mounds and Thunderbearer Mirrors, which look like pillars with glowing purple orbs in them. When a Sacred Stone Mound is attacked, it can fire an electric current in a specific direction. Thunderbearer Mirrors can receive the current fire by a Sacred Stone Mound and fire it back in a different direction.

To solve the puzzle, use the Thunderbearer Mirrors to guide the beam from the Sacred Stone Mound to the dome in the center. When you approach close to each of the pillars, you can change their orientation (which direction they face) and elevation (up or down).

In below image Sacred Stone Mound is marked 1, it needs to orient toward the marked 2 location which is Thunderbearer Mirrors. Thunderbearer Mirrors-2 needs to be oriented toward Thunderbearer Mirrors-3. Similarly, Thunderbearer Mirrors-3 needs to rotate toward Thunderbearer Mirrors-4 and finally, Thunderbearer Mirrors-5 needs to be set toward the circular dome.

Once you successfully change the pillar’s orientation and elevation as shown in the below image you are ready to destroy the center dome. Now head back to “Sacred Stone Mound” which is marked as 1 and launch an attack on the Sacred Stone Mound to fire an electric current that can receive by Thunderbearer Mirrors and direct to the central dome.

Glide down into the circle area where the dome was present earlier. Be sure to pick up the purple orb floating in the air (Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Pearl) as you descend!

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At the bottom of the pit, you’ll be stopped by another enemy, a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder, which you should defeat. To the edge of the arena, you’ll find another purple stone (Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Warding Stone). Pick it up.

Return to the ward and deliver the two newly acquired components. As you submit it, you receive another spectacular cutscene pointing to the Serpent’s Head south of your location. 

Go Back and Talk to Kaji

Return to Kaji (the location indicated by the quest indicator) and inform him that you have repaired the ward. He’ll tell you where to find the remaining two wards, which will unlock Parts II and III of the Orobashi’s Legacy quest.

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