Caretakers of the Eagle – Side Tales | Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – Iki Island

This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Caretakers of the Eagle side tales. There are a total of seven side tales in Ghost of Tsushima – Iki Island. Caretakers of the Eagle is a side tale in Ghost of Tsushima – Iki Island DLC Expansion where your goal is to rescue the kidnapped villagers and clear the temple from all Eagles and Mongols.

The tale begins in the Cloud Forest area, which is located in the southeast corner of Iki Island. The location of the side tale will get automatically marked by a white icon. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

Speak with the scared temple caretaker

As the tale start, your first objective will be to find and talk to a scared temple caretaker (NPC name Ito). She will tell you that the Monk Zenshin’s caretaker has imprisoned her and others from the village (including her brother). Zenshin dupes these caretakers into serving the eagle tribes. She will direct you to a path where you can listen in on Zenshin’s conversation with his caretakers.

Survey the temple grounds

Proceed up the hill path to the left of the NPC storyteller. On the screen, there will be a “Survey” point with which you can interact. Now, look down at the temple, a white circle will show you which way to look. Press the button to inspect the people near the tents, the cart to the temple’s right, and the monk Zenshin in front of the temple.

Following this, a cut scene will begin in which Monk Zenshin informs the caretaker that the Eagle tribes will arrive tonight and that they must prepare.

Learn more about the caretakers

Drop down to the temple area from the hill. From here you will now automatically put on a disguise to blend in with the caretakers. Initially, speak with women peasants who are baskets in front of the temple. Consider the image below as a guide. 

Next, speak with the man standing in front of the main temple building. He’s the Warden, and he’s in charge of everything. He will tell you that it is not your responsibility to keep an eye on prisons.

Following that, proceed down the stairs on the left and interact with a man standing in front of a house on the left side. He will not let you into the house. After that, go around the corner of the same house to find a hole beneath the house where you can hear how the peasants plan to escape. For reference, see the image below.

Next, approach the woman who is standing near a cart and holding a baby wrapped in a white blanket.

Rest until the caretakers fall asleep

Return up the stairs and meet up with two men near the campfire. Sit by the campfire until everyone has fallen asleep. A small cut scene will play here.

Rescue the kidnapped villagers

Return to the same house where you heard about the peasants’ escape plan. Crawl through the floorboards by sliding under the holes around the house. Once inside, speak with the captives and release them. The Mongols will arrive, and enemies will spawn all over the temple grounds.

Following that, you must save another villager (peasant) who is about to be executed. You can find him behind the tents in front of the first building where you rescued three villagers. If an enemy receives a red skull icon above their head, it means they are about to execute someone and must be stopped right away. This man is the brother of Ito, an NPC with whom you interact at the beginning of the story. He will direct you to locate and rescue Ito.

Ito is the last person to be saved. She can be found inside the adjacent hut.

Clear the Mongols from the temple grounds

Return to the main temple area. In front of the temple, you will encounter approximately six enemies (or Mongols). Three are directly in front of the temple, while three are on the adjacent side of the temple. You can take out a few of them with an arrow from far and then defeat reset with a melee attack.

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Enter the temple

Now enter the main temple via the main door and eliminate two-guard (enemies) inside the main building.

Confront Zehnshin the monk

Talk to the Monk Zenshin lying on the floor. In the cut scene, he tells that he has been poisoned by the Eagle and you will play the flute to soothe him and this will end the quest.

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