Chapter 2 Collectibles | Guardians of the Galaxy | Outfits, Compendium, Guardian Collectible

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles in Chapter 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy. There are 3 collectibles in Chapter 2 ( 1 Outfit, 1 Guardian Collectibles, and 1 Compendium).

Outfit #1

While following Nikki in Chapter 2, you will get options to choose several conversation lines. One of the conversation lines will be to choose either “Encourage her” or “Take Control”. When you get this particular line, look to your left to find an opening in between some yellow pipes. Now, instead of following Nikki, you can crouch under yellow pipes to enter a new area. Go to the end of this new area to find this Costume collectible in a purple container. I have attached a screenshot for reference. You will find Nova-Lord Outfit.

Guardian Collectible #1 : Broken Translation Device

You will find Guardian Collectible after reaching Nikki’s secret hideout. On the right, you will see a few pink colored-monitors. I have attached a screenshot for reference. Guardian Collectible is lying on the ground behind yellow crates in front of pink colored-monitors

Chapter 3 Collectibles
Chapter 4 Collectibles

Compendium #1: Nikki’s Personal Device

To get compendium, you must always side with Nikki during the elevator ride with Ko-Rel. Do not back up Ko-Rel here! This will earn Nikki’s trust, and she will give you her Personal Device to unlock doors on this level.

Pick the following dialogues: 
Re-Activate Elevator > Try to Help Nikki > Take the Blame.

NOTE: You need this compendium later in Chapter 7 to access a few more Collectibles! If you don’t get Nikki’s Personal Device in Chapter 2, you’ll miss out on those collectibles later in the game.

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