Conscience for the Dead favor Walkthrough | God of War Ragnarok

This guide shows how to complete the Conscience for the Dead favor in God of War Ragnarok.

– Slay the Seidr Fanatics
– Speak to the spirit

Slay the Seidr Fanatics

To start the Conscience for the Dead favor, talk to the ghost left of the Nornir chest in Cliffside Ruins as shown in the pictures below. Your first objective will be to Slay the Seidr Fanatics.

After talking to the ghost, climb up the wall on the left side. Then jump on the platforms and burn the vines on the south side of the area as shown below. Hit the vines with purple arrows. Then hit one of those arrows with your blade to cause an explosion, burning the vines. Now climb up the chain below the vines that you just burned. Then turn left and interact with the seal as shown in the second picture below. This will break the mountain walls ahead, clearing your path to go further south.

Hop back on the boat and go south until you reach the location shown in the pictures below. Go left from the marked location to reach The Veiled Passage.

On reaching The Veiled Passage, you will find a Nornir Chest on the right side. Continue further ahead in The Veiled Passage. Dock your boat where the water ends. Then go through the door on the left side of the red chest as shown in the picture below. Destroy the poisonous plants there and then climb up the walls. Continue ahead in the path, killing all the Seidr Fanatics. Killing all the Seidr Fanatics here completes the objective.

Speak to the spirit

After killing all the Seidr Fanatics continue ahead through the tunnel. At the end of the path, climb down the chain and you will find the lore marker and the legendary chest here as shown in the picture below.

From the lore, turn left and pull the chain to bring down the drawbridge connecting to the Cliffside Ruins‘ main area. Use the bridge to go back to the same location and talk to the ghost again to complete the quest.
Note: Due to a bug, Gunhild’s ghost isn’t appearing for many players. Wait for a patch for the bug to be resolved.

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