Dragon’s Dogma 2: Home Is Where the Hearth Is Walkthrough

This article will guide you on how to complete the objective of the side quest “Home Is Where the Hearth Is” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Starting Location

This quest starts after completing An Unsettling Encounter. Go to Melve once prompted by Brant. Bribe the guard at the gate.

Go to the Ulrika’s house located at the edge of town.

Speak with Lennart

Speak with Lennart (NPC) inside Ulrika’s house. He wants your help in obtaining four swords.

Procure four swords and give them to Lennart

There are multiple options to obtain the swords.

Option 1: From the Town’s Storeroom 

If you have already finished the side quest “Brothers Brave and Timidthen Ian (NPC) will help you to distract the guard. You can sneak inside the storeroom and grab the swords from the chests.

Ian is standing a little bit west of the storeroom. Accept his offer and wait for him to distract the guards. Once guards have left the storehouse, silently slip inside and take the swords.

Option 2: Purchase from a merchant in Vernworth

Repel the soldiers stationed in Melve

Deliver the swords to Lennart (NPC) inside Ulrika’s house. As you both exit, prepare to defend against the soldiers.

Bring word of Melve to Ulrika in a few days’ time

Talk to Lennart (NPC) after the fight. He’ll explain that they’re on their way to Harve Village. Leave the town and return to Harve Village after a few days. Speak to Ulrika on the dock.

Meet Ulrika at nighttime

Ulrika asks that you meet her at night. Take a break until nighttime and then return to the dock to meet Ulrika.

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