Genshin Impact 2.2 Hidden Achievements | Tsurumi Island, Inazuma

This Guide lists the Hidden Achievements in Tsurumi Island and how to unlock them.

Moshiri Kara

You get this achievement by unlocking Moshiri Kara Domain. To unlock the domain, you need to reach Adventure Rank 40 or above and complete 3 time trial challenges around it to unlock 3 elemental monuments. Click here to see how to unlock the Moshiri kara domain.

Seven Letters

To unlock this achievement you need to find 7 Stone Slates around Tsurumi Island. After you have the slates, go to Shirikoro Peak underground and go to the end of the path. At the end of the path, you will find 7 slots where you have to put the seven tablets. Doing this will spawn two Luxurious Chest. This unlocks ‘Seven letters’ achievement. Click here to see the complete walkthrough.

Thunderbird’s Lineage

To unlock this achievement, you will need to complete 10 Thunderbird Statue puzzles in Tsurumi Island as shown in this article. To solve Thunderbird Statue puzzles, you will need the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget, which you will get during ‘Octave of the Maushiro‘ World Quest. Click here to see the complete walkthrough.

A Tale of Two Cities

This achievement is unlocked by finding 4 Thunderbird Murals in the Shirikoro Peak underground and use ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ on them to reveal hidden rooms. Click here to see the complete walkthrough.

My Life as an Adventurer

Complete “The Saga of Mr. Forgetful” world quest to unlock this achievement. You can get the quest by talking to Roald at the highlighted location on the third day of “Through the Mists” quest chain.

White Illusion

Talk to one of the 9 ghosts in Tsurumi Island to unlock the achievement. The ghosts will spawn only after you have completed ‘The Sun Wheel and Mt. Kanna’ world quest (Part 4 of ‘Through the Mists’ quest chain). Click here to see the location of the 9 ghosts.

Light up the Fog

You can unlock this achievement by completing Chise’s Spirit’s request. You will find Chise at the highlighted location in the Autake Plains. Talk to him and he will ask you to light up all the Stormstones in the Autake Plains. The second picture below shows the location of all the Stormstones in Autake Plains. Some of the Stormstones are hidden and you will need to use the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget in front of a Thunderbird Statue to reveal it.

“Lovely Sights, Further Than the Eye Can See”

To unlock the achievement you need to find 9 ghosts in Tsurumi Island and complete their requests. After completing the requests of all the Ghosts, the Boatman will guide the Spirits to the afterlife, unlocking the “Lovely Sights, Further Than the Eye Can See” achievement. Click here to see the complete walkthrough.

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