Guardians of the Galaxy: Chapter 6 – All Collectibles: Outfits, Archive, Guardian Collectibles

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles in Chapter 6 of Guardians of the Galaxy. There are 12 collectibles in Chapter 6 ( 1 Outfit, 1 Guardian Collectibles, 4 Archives, and 6 Compendium).

#1 – Archive: Egghead Reviews: Mant-Blows

In Knowhere, there will be a cutscene at the start where You, Drax, and Gamora meet Mantis (purple-colored girl with tentacles on her head). After the cutscene, Drax will say “I need to leave“. After Drax and Gamora left you, turn around and enter the bar on the left. You’ll find this archive item on the table left of the bar entrance.

#2 – Archive: Overhead

From the previous location, leave the bar using the other door and keep going to your right. Go past the machine with the colorful orbs and keep going straight until you see a red robot NPC standing near stairs going down. Go down the stairs to find this archive in a tunnel.

#3 – Galactic Compendium Item: Knowhere Lottery Ticket

From the previous collectible location, head back up the stairs from where you came, then turn right and follow the path. After going up another set of stairs, you will find a big white egg-like structure near the stairs. This is the lottery ticket seller counter, and you can interact with it. You can buy this ticket for 1000 Units.

NOTE: Keep at least 8000 Credits that are required in Chapter 9 for the trophy “Galactic Frugality”!

#4 – Galactic Compendium Item: Nova Force Lock Disabler

From the previous lottery ticket seller counter, Go down a small set of stairs on the left. Turn right from the stairs and head to the end of the path where the Junk Dealer merchant is. He will sell you this item for 1500 Units.

#5 – Galactic Compendium Item: Collector’s Emporium Ticket

From the Junk Dealer, turn around and look for a big holographic face of a man with a holographic sign “Collector’s Emporium”. Head there and talk to the ticket seller at the entrance of the Collector’s Emporium. The tickets cost 5000 Units for a Compendium Item.

Alternatively, During the bar scene with Lipless, if you successfully recite his song, he’ll give you a Collector’s Emporium Ticket. Using this you can avoid paying the 5,000 Unit charge for the Collector’s Emporium Ticket

#6 – Guardian Collectible: Collector’s Emporium Doll

In the same area as above, head to the gift shop on the right of the ticket seller. Purchase Guardian Collectible #1: Collector’s Emporium Doll for 2,000 Galactic Units.

#7-9 – Galactic Compendium Item: Skaggler Doll / Shoomy-Gorath Dangler / Plush Knowbody

Leave Collector’s Emporium and follow the path left to get back to where you exited the bar earlier. Go past the machine with colorful orbs and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, you will reach an area with a pink goo tree. At one corner you find a vending machine where you can spend 750 Units on a plush toy. You will randomly get 1 of 3 possible toys “Skaggler Doll” / “Shoomy-Gorath Dangler” / “Plush Knowbody”. 

#10 – Archive: Egghead Reviews Spirit Tree

From the above collectible location, turn around and head left to a platform with a pink goo tree. On the right side of the platform, you will find an archive lying on the floor.

#11 – Archive: “Nothing”

From the above item, turn back onto a balcony where Drax is standing alone. On the right side of the balcony, you will find an archive lying on the floor.

#12 – Outfit – Star-Lord: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

From the last archive collectible, turn around and look down the platform for red pipes. Climb over the railing and jump down to the red pipes. You will find a purple Outfit Chest underneath the staircase.

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