Guardians of the Galaxy: All Outfit Locations | Where to find Outfits Guide

This guide shows the location of all the Guardians of the Galaxy outfit for Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot, spread out across the game. There is a total of 45 outfits.

Chapter 1

The following Outfits are automatically unlocked from the beginning 

#1 Drax – Standard Outfit
#2 Gamora – Standard Outfit
#3 Peter Quill – Standard Outfit
#4 Peter Quill – Social Lord
#5 Rocket – Standard Outfit
#6 Groot – Standard Outfit

#7 Outfit – Rocket: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

After a little while you land on Pink Planet, you will have to slide down to reach a fork on the path. After sliding down, go to the right and jump down as shown below. After jumping down, turn left to find the outfit inside a purple container.

#8 Outfit – Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Just after the cutscene where you are reunited with Groot, turn right and crouch down to go through the hole in the goo. Here you will find the outfit inside a purple box.

Chapter 2

#9 Outfit – Starlord: Nova Lord

While following Nikki in Chapter 2, you will get options to choose several conversation lines. One of the conversation lines will be to choose either “Encourage her” or “Take Control”. When you get this particular line, look to your left to find an opening in between some yellow pipes. Now, instead of following Nikki, you can crouch under yellow pipes to enter a new area. Go to the end of this new area to find this Costume collectible in a purple container. I have attached a screenshot for reference. You will find Nova-Lord Outfit.

Chapter 3

#10 Outfit – Gamora: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

While following the main path you will find a red structure with big holes as shown below image. Here instead of going down the main central pathway, go to the right to find an optional path leading to an opening in the wall. Crouch under and proceed forward to enter a cave. Destroy the goo in the cave (shown in yellow in visor vision) to access a new area. Defeat all you encounter in the path. Proceed onwards to squeeze through a narrow opening. At the end of the cave, you’ll see a purple container with this Outfit collectible.

#11 Outfit – Groot: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This is available after defeating the two big Slakebeasts. A player has to command Groot to build a bridge to cross the gap and reach the waterfalls. After going over Groot’s bridge, head left and destroy the grey goo. Continue to follow the path inside the cave until you reach a waterfall. Use Ice Element blasters to freeze the waterfall in the cave and jump up to the other side to find the outfit.

Chapter 4 (Selling Rocket Path)

#12 Outfit – Drax: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

After collecting the Archive (Drones) in this chapter, you will have to squeeze through a thin gap. Then instead of following your teammates to the left, go straight. Jump across the platforms to reach the outfit.

#13 Outfit – Rocket: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

In the sewer section, at the first T-Junction turn left to find the outfit.

Chapter 4 (Selling Groot Path)

#12 Outfit – Drax: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

It is inside Lady Hellbender’s Throne Room at the location shown below.

#13 Outfit – Rocket: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Take the elevator down from Lady Hellbender’s Throne Room to reach a tavern area. Go to the right side of this area and crouch under the crates as shown below to reach the outfit.

Chapter 5

#14 Outfit – Drax: Nova Corps

Go to the room to the left of the waiting room with the 4 counters. You will see an air vent as shown below. Shoot the air vent and then send Rocket inside. He will go inside and activate the power. You need to reroute the power to the door left of the room where you got the previous collectible. You can reroute the power by pressing two switches in visor vision as shown in the second and third pictures below. Once the power is routed to the door, it will open. Go inside and collect the outfit.

#15 Outfit – Groot: Nova Corps

It is behind a forklift in the yellow room where you have to jump up through the roof.

Chapter 6

#16 Outfit – Star-Lord: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Go to an area with a pink goo tree. Look down the platform for red pipes. Climb over the railing and jump down to the red pipes. You will find a purple Outfit Chest underneath the staircase.

Chapter 7

#17 Outfit – Rocket: Nova Corps

In this chapter, you’ll reach a circular red room, where you have to reroute the power by shooting circuits with your electric gun. In one of the rooms connected to this room, use Groot to lift a section of the ground as shown below. Stand on top of the platform as Groot lifts it, to reach the upper level. Go through the air duct on the upper level. After coming out from the other side of the air duct, you can see a locked door as shown in the picture below. Using visor vision you can see that the door is connected with a circuit through a wire. Shoot the right portion of the circuit as shown in the second picture below to reroute the power to the locked door. Once the door is unlocked, go inside the room to get the outfit.

#18 Outfit – Gamora: Nova Corps

While on the objective to “Get to Nikki’s Hideout”, you will come across an area where you will have to command Groot to make a bridge as shown in the picture below. Then cross the bridge and go down the stairs until you reach electrified water. Shoot the switch shown below with an electric gun to de-electrify the water. Then command Gamora to destroy the pipes vas shown in the third picture below. After that go inside and get the outfit.

Chapter 8

#19 Outfit – Star-Lord: Bad-Lord

In the chapter, you will come across Red Fluid as shown below. Jump into the red fluid and go to the next area. Here, command Drax to move a pillar in front of the tunnel exit where you just came from. Then climb the pillar to reach the upper level, where you will find the outfit.

#20 Outfit – Drax: Cage Match

Towards the end of the chapter, you will have to ride flying 3 platforms. After the third flying platform, you will go down to a circular area. After landing, turn around and go to the backside to find the outfit behind some crates as shown below.

Chapter 9 – No Outfits

Chapter 10

#21 Outfit – Gamora: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

After meeting with Mantis, walk through the waterfall to enter a secret cave behind it. You will find the outfit inside a purple box in the secret cave.

#22 Outfit – Rocket: Hero of Halfworld

After defeating Ogrode, you can see a small hole on the mountain wall on the right side as shown below. Send Rocket through the small hole. The rocket will destroy the structural weakness on the mountain wall on the right side of the hole as shown in the second picture below. This will reveal a small crack on the wall behind it. Squeeze through the wall to reach an area with toxic gas. Shoot the 4 gas leak points with your ice blasters as shown in the third picture below. This will remove the toxic gas. Then jump across and stand on the platform on the opposite side as shown in the third picture below. Now command Groot to raise the platform. This will take you to the upper level. Then move ahead and climb the rock on the right side. Go till the end and climb another rock on the right side. Then walk through the ledge to reach the outfit at shown in the fourth picture below.

#23 Outfit – Groot: Annihilation: Conquest Suit

During this chapter, you will come across a dark cave in which Groot will light the path for you. Stick to the right side cave wall and eventually, you will reach a thin gap on the wall with purple light coming through it as shown below. Squeeze through the gap to reach the purple box containing the outfit.

Chapter 11 – No Outfits

Chapter 12

#24 Outfit – Drax: Thanos Imperative

After defeating the first wave of enemies in chapter 12, you will find a pillar in the center of the area. Command Drax to move the pillar so that you can climb to the top of the platform. A purple chest is available at the top of the platform.

#25 – Outfit – Rocket: The Smuggler

After defeating a group of enemies in the same burning marketplace area, you’re supposed to squeeze through a gap. Before squeezing through the wall turn to the right side, and use your Wind Element gun to pull a wall. Outfit chest is available behind the wall.

#26 – Outfit – Groot: Impaler

Go back to vending machines where you got “#8 – Archive (Reply: Missing Persons Report)”. Command Gamora to cut through the nearby wires and then cross two ledges. In the new area, look left of Drax to find a green wind-element part of a wall. Use your wind guns to pull it out, then command Groot to make a bridge. Cross to the other side and follow the tunnel to reach a locked gate. Shoot the panel above the locked door and use an electric element gun to open the door. In the next hall, shoot the vent on the left and command Rocket to go through it to turn off the electricity in the water. You will find the Outfit chest on the right side of the area.

#27 – Outfit – Gamora: Casual Kill

Later in the game, you’ll have to ask Drax to make a hole in the ground open to slide down a slope. I have attached a screenshot of it. When you get to the bottom, turn around 180° and you’ll see an opening in the rubble where you can crouch. On the other side, you’ll find a purple container containing this Costume collectible.

#28 – Outfit – Star-Lord: Apocalypse-Lord

After rescuing Cosmo, you’ll eventually find yourself fighting enemies on a sandy arena as shown in the image below. You’ll have to command Drax to move a big pillar to proceed further. Instead of following the main path to the left, keep going straight till you get to a scratched wall. Here command Gamora to climb up the wall and give you a lift to jump to the platform on the right. At the end of the platform awaits the chest.

Chapter 13

#29 Outfit – Gamora: Black Vortex

After the first combat encounter on Maklu IV (2 big enemies with spores on their skin), look to the right of the icicles that Gamora needs to cut for some scratch marks on the red wall. Command Gamora to boost you up to the top. At the top, you will find the purple chest. 

#30 – Outfit – Groot: Five O’Clock Sprouts

This is available after the second combat. After shattering the ice to pass through, you’ll then need to shimmy across a narrow ledge and enter a dark cave filled with gas. Before going forward, go to the immediate right of the cave entrance. Around the corner, you will find the outfit chest.

#31 – Outfit – Star-Lord: War-Lord

Available after you’ve gained access to Star-Lord’s Plasma Shot. Follow the main path to pass through a cave. At the end of the cave, you have to shoot a few pieces of ice on the ceiling to create a drop platform onto a huge dinosaur skeleton to cross the gap.

After crossing the gap with the dinosaur skeleton look at the ceiling by the small pool of water. Shoot the ice on the ceiling to make a platform fall down. Stand on the platform and command Groot to lift the platform halfway up to access a hidden alcove with a purple container. 

#32 – Outfit – Rocket: The Stinger

Available in the same area as above. This time you need to go straight ahead from where you entered the area. This outfit is available at the end of the area. The outfit is placed behind venomous plants slightly on a raised area. Destroy all the venomous plants using Plasma Shot

#33 – Outfit – Drax: Katathian Monk

After leaving the burning camp, you’ll be sliding down the ice and stumble upon a new path. You will find poison spores on the left side of the mountain wall. Destroy these spores with Fire Shot and climb up. At the top Katathian Monk’s outfit is available.

Chapter 14

Outfit #34 – Star-Lord: Team-Lord

The outfit is in the area with a big fan. It is on a ledge up above on the right side before the exit. Jump up the ledges on the left side as shown in the pictures below, to reach the purple box containing the outfit.

Outfit #35 – Drax: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

After you get your walkman back, the area will be bombarded. As you are following the main path, Groot will automatically make a bridge as shown in the picture below. After crossing the bridge, turn right and you can see a purple box up above on the platform ahead of you. Melt the ice wall on the right side with your plasma gun. Then proceed ahead and jump above to reach the platform containing the purple box with the outfit.

Outfit #36 – Gamora: Chosen Daughter

This one is in the mines. Wake your way through the mines until you reach the workbench. Then turn around and freeze three waterfalls on the right side as shown in the picture below. Jump on the frozen platforms and squeeze through the gap on the wall to reach the purple box containing the outfit.

Chapter 15 – No Outfits

Chapter 16

The following Costume collectibles unlock automatically after completing the story:

#37 – Star-Lord: Gold-Lord
#38 – Star-Lord: Sleek-Lord
#39 – Star-Lord: Space-Lord
#40 – Star-Lord: City-Lord
#41 – Star-Lord: Sun-Lord
#42 – Rocket: Golden Guardians
#43 – Groot: Golden Guardians
#44 – Drax: Golden Guardians
#45 – Gamora: Golden Guardians

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