How to Unlock Khaj Nisut | Genshin Impact 3.1

This guide shows how to unlock “How to Unlock Khaj Nisut” in the game of Genshin Impact 3.1 update, which was released on 28th September 2022. You need to complete the “Golden Slumber” questline and “Khaj Nisut “will get unlocked in the 4th quest

Golden Slumber Questline
Lost in the Sands
An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology
The Secret of Al-Ahmar
– Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand (Unlock in this quest)

Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand

I have linked the first three quests in the above links. Here is the guide to Unlock Khaj Nisut while doing Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand. You will start the quest at the same location as you ended the previous quest “The Secret of Al-Ahmar“.

Return to the oasis & Defeat the Eremites

Head back to the Sobek Oasis and defeat the Eremites attacking the camp. Talk to Nachtigal after defeating the enemies.

Go to the next oasis

Head to another Oasis southwest of Khaj-Nisut. Talk to Jebrael, Tirzad, etc.

Go to Khaj-Nisut and Search for Khaj-Nisut

Head to the marked location to trigger a cutscene.

Go to the Eremites’ camp

Head south to the Eremite camp and defeat the enemies. It will follow by a cut scene.

Search for clues in the Eremites’ camp

Search for “A Short Letter” that can be found in one of the mini tents on the campsite. Afterward, talk to Jebrael to progress further. Report back to Jebrael on the discovered clues

Pass the Three Trials

Players must complete the three trials by entering each ruin and then operate the Plinth of the Secret Rites. Each of the three trials presents unique challenges, such as puzzles or enemies to overcome.

GuidePass the Three Trials

Find the way to Khaj-Nisut

After passing all three trials, teleport to the entrance and interact with the statue nearby to unlock Khaj-Nisut

Enter Khaj-Nisut

Use for leg Selie to enter the Khaj-Nisut and Continue exploring it.

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