Lyngbakr Island Odin’s Raven Location | God of War Ragnarok

This guide shows the location of Odin’s Raven in the Lyngbakr Island area of the Svartalfheim region in God of War Ragnarok. Click here to see Lyngbakr Island Complete Collectibles Guide.

Lyngbakr Island Odin’s Raven

To find Odin’s Raven in Lyngbakr Island, first, you will need to fully unlock it and then free two fins of the creature. You can do that by doing The Weight of Chains favor.

After freeing the second fin, destroy the Wretch Nest at the corner of the area as shown in the picture below. This will reveal a grenade hiding under it. Open the gate on the south side of the area. Then pick up the grenade and go through the gate. Go straight ahead and then jump through the gaps on the right side.

This will lead you to the chain that you used to reach the upper level before. This time, don’t use the chain. Turn left instead and throw the grenade on the gold ores as shown in the picture below. Then jump to the other side. Here, you will see a tunnel entrance on the right side as shown in the second picture below. Go through the tunnel. Then turn left to find the raven as shown in the third picture below.

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