Sumeru: All 22 Luxurious Chests Locations & Puzzles | Genshin Impact

This guide shows how the location of all the Luxurious Chests in Sumeru in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0. As of now, we have found 22 Luxurious Chests that can be found in Sumeru.

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Luxurious Chests Locations – Sumeru

Sumeru City x 3

Apam Wood x 1

Old Vanarana x 1

Devantaka Mountain x 3

Mawtiyima Forest x 2

Vanarana x 2

World quest – Until Vana is Healed

Ashavan Realm x 1

Pardis Dhyai x 1

Fragment of childhood dreams x 1

Parchment Puzzle x 1

World quest Static View Part 2 x 1

Semeru’s Shrine of depth x 4

#1 Luxurious Chest

Enter the main building ‘Akademiya‘ from the eastern teleport waypoint. Go through the first room and then enter the 2nd room. After entering the second room drop down on the right to find the luxurious chest near the stairs.

#2 Luxurious Chest

This luxurious chest is sitting on a tree branch. From the western teleport waypoint, go up the ramp a little bit and glide down to the left. While gliding down look right to find a luxurious chest.

#3 Luxurious Chest

The third Luxurious Chest is also hidden in the Tree’s dense branches. Climb the outside of the Surasthana Sanctuary to the top branch on the left. Then proceed up the tree branch until you find a luxurious chest at the top. The precise location is indicated on the map.

#4 Luxurious Chest

This chest is available after activating seven mysterious signs at different locations. The below map shows the location of all seven mysterious signs locations. It is recommended to bring 1 bow character and 1 Dendro character.

#1 Sign 

Teleport to the northern teleport waypoint, as marked on the map. From this location, turn around and climb to the higher location of the same big tree. First, summon Dendrograna and then activate the cluster leave to summon the four-leg Sigil. Use four-leg Sigil to reach another big tree in the southwest. The location is marked on the map.

Shoot the big rock with a bow. Next, apply the Dendro element to the mushroom below the sign. This will activate the 1st mysterious sign.

#2 Sign 

Go back to the previous Teleport Waypoint. Activate the cluster leave on the right to summon the four-leg Sigil. Use the four-leg Sigil to travel to another big tree in the south direction and then glide down one level. Apply the Dendro element to the mushroom below the sign.

#3 Sign 

Next, use the four-leg Sigil to travel to a big tree in the northeastern direction. Use the bouncy mushroom in this big tree to jump and then use a four-leg Sigil to travel to another tree in the northeastern direction. Refer to the below image. Apply the Dendro element to the mushroom below the sign.

#4 Sign 

Travel back to the previous big tree. Then activate the cluster leaves to summon the four-leg Sigil. Use four-leg Sigil to reach another big tree in the south direction. Apply the Dendro element to the mushroom below the sign.

#5 Sign 

From the previous sign location, activate the cluster leaves to summon the four-leg Sigil. Use four-leg Sigil to reach another big tree in the south direction. Apply the Dendro element to the mushroom below the sign.

If you have already activated the teleport waypoint near this point, then you can travel there directly.

#6 Sign 

From the previous sign location, activate the cluster leaves to summon the four-leg Sigil. Use four-leg Sigil to reach another big tree in the northeast direction. Once you reach the big tree, use jumping mushrooms and four-leg Sigil to climb up two levels in the same tree and then activate the sign.

#7 Sign 

Glide back to the teleport point first. Activate the cluster leaves to summon the four-leg Sigil. Use four-leg Sigil to reach another big tree in the southwest direction. Drop down one level in the same tree and activate the last mysterious sign.

Luxurious Chest Location

Travel to the marked location with a white star mark to find the Luxurious Chest.

#5 Luxurious Chests

Step 1

Head to Old Vanarana which is located on the western side of the map and kill 7 Abyssal Mages. I have marked the location on the map below.

Step 2

Head to the Statue of Seven and kill the Abyss Heralds near it. This opponent will appear after you kill all seven Abyssal Mages. You will earn the achievement “Song of Night and Dawn”

Also, collect the Luxurious Chests near the Statue of Seven.

#6 Luxurious Chests

You can get this Luxurious Chest while doing the world quest “Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga” in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0. Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga is part of the Vimana Agama quest series.

Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga

Follow the below steps of the world quest “Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga” to get the Luxurious Chest.

Look for the submerged cave

As the quest starts, teleport to the waypoint mentioned on the map below. In case the teleport waypoint is not active then go to the statue of seven and then glide northeast to reach the teleport waypoint. Enter the cave behind the teleport waypoint.

Lower the water level

You will find two seelie inside the cave. Follow both the two seelie to unlock the mechanism.

#1 Seelie: On a ruined pillar in the middle of the water. Follow it to reach the sealed entrance with a mechanism.

#2 Seelie: Drop below the platform with a sealed entrance and mechanism to find it.

Once both seelies reach their desired location it will unlock the seal around the entrance. Interact with the mechanism to lower the water.

Go to the cave below

Glide down to the cave below and follow the path.

Lower the water level further

Continue to follow the cave. At the end use the Vintage Lyre to play the Rhythm of Vamadha. Finally hit the door with the Dendro character to open it and head inside.

Inside you need to activate three Dendro totems. First, summon Dendrograna and hit the Floating Dendro objects above totems to release the seal around the totem. Summon Dendrograna again and hit the totem again to activate it. Do this for all three totems.

At this time a luxurious chest will appears in front of you.

#7 Luxurious Chest

You can get the Luxurious Chest while the doing Vimana Agama Jazaris Chapter quest or after completing the quest. This article is the guide for Luxurious Chest assuming you have completed the Vimana Agama Jazaris Chapter quest

Step 1

Enter the Ruin Golem to reach a larger area with a giant structure with relays.

Step 2

Go to the top level of the mechanism and then head right and then enter the first room.

Step 2

Inside the room, go to the right to find the Luxurious Chest sitting between stones.

#8 Luxurious Chest

This chest is available after completing the Vimana Agama Dev Delver quest.

Head inside the same underground Ruin and go left to activate the teleport waypoint. In case the teleport waypoint is already been activated, you can direct teleport to this point and head inside the underground Ruin via the stone stairs nearby.

Use four-leg Sigil to cross the gap and defeat the Abyss Heralds. After eliminating the Abyss Heralds, jump and glide down to the stream flowing below.

Eliminate all the enemies near the stream to make the Luxurious Chest to appears.

#9 Luxurious Chest

This is marked as Chest 1 in the below image.

Arrow 1 – Mawtiyima Forest

Go to the location marked on the map below to find the first arrow on the mountain wall.

You will find a mushroom nearby. Hit the mushroom using an Electro character to activate it. 

Defeat all the enemies nearby and again activate the mechanism to light up the arrow.

Arrow 2 – Gandha Hill

Go to the location marked on the map below and eliminate all the enemies nearby.

Summon Dendrograna from nearby and then hit the stone wrapped in roots with a Dendro Character to reveal a mechanism.

Next hit the tree again with an Electro character to show the mechanism. finally activate the mechanism. Note: there are three big stones wrapped in roots but only one stone has the mechanism under its root. Hit all stones with an Electro character to activate it.

Arrow 3 – Chatrakam Cave

Go to the marked location to find a scorched Bouncy Mushroom. Hit the mushroom using a Dendro character to activate it. 

Hit the mushroom again with an Electro Character. When you hit the mushroom with an Electro Character, then it will activate the mechanism nearby.

Activate the mechanism. Next, jumping on an activated Bouncy Mushroom. Look up and use the Four-Leaf Sigils to reach far above and collect the Dendroculus.

This will glow the last arrow.

Luxurious Chest #1 – Location

Once all three arrows are activated, go back to the marked location as per the above map to find a Luxurious Chest. Defeat all nearby enemies to remove the seal around the chest.

#10 Luxurious Chest

Step 1

Head to the eastern teleport waypoint of Mawtiyima Forest and go northwest as shown on the map.

Step 2

Summon Dendrograna and hit the stone wrapped with roots two times. This will remove and break the stone and at the same time will create a seal in place.

Step 3

Shoot the flying Dendro object twice to break the seal and collect the mint plant it. Defeat all the enemies Spawn in the area.

Step 4

Finally, use a four-leg Seelie to travel to the other side of the mountain across the valley. In the end, you will arrive at top of a mountain with a Luxurious chest.

#11 Luxurious Chest

For the first luxurious chest, you need to guide three Seelie to their destination which is actually the location of the sealed Luxurious chest. To remove the seal around the luxurious chest you need to follow three Seelie and activate the three signs around the luxurious chest. The below map shows the location of three Seelie. All Seelies are on top of Big leaves.

All 3 Seelie Location

Step 1

Head to the teleport waypoint south of 1st Seelie and climb up the wall of the mountain on the north and then jump onto the big leaves to reach the first Seelie.

Step 2

Next, you need to follow Seelie up to the Luxurious Chest. Use four-leg Sigil to reach another big leave in the southwest. Continue to follow the Seelie to reach the Luxurious Chest as marked on the map above.

One Seelie reached the Luxurious Chest, and wait for some time for the sign to glow.

Step 3

Similarly, guide the other two Seelie to the Luxurious Chest to remove the seal around it.

#12 Luxurious Chest

The second Luxurious Chest is located on top of the building in Vanarana. The building is just north of the Statue of Seven as marked on the map.

Climb up the nearby mountain wall and glide to the top of the building to collect the Luxurious Chest.

#13 Luxurious Chest

This Luxurious Chest is available while doing the world quest “Until Vana is Healed” in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0.

Pre-requisite to Until Vana is Healed Quest

The quest “Until Vana is Healed” is automatically triggered once you trigger Aranyaka Part III: Nursery of Lost Dreams. For reference, below is Aranyaka world quest series list in Sumeru.

  • Part I: Woodland Encounter
  • Part II: Dream Nursery
  • Part III: Nursery of Lost Dreams (Need to trigger this quest)

Luxurious Chest Location

This is a guide for the “Until Vana is Healed ” world quest and for the Luxurious Chest.

Talk to Ararycan

As the quest starts, head in the northeast direction from the domain of the Dark Valley. I have marked the location and speak with Ararycan.

Eradicate the Withering

Head to the location west of Vimara Village as marked on the map.

Summon Dendrograna and shoot three corrupted flowers. Eliminate all the enemies and then destroy the Tumor of Withering.

Go deeper into the cave to search for clues

Follow the path and go deeper into the cave then defeat the Abyss Mages.

Find the clues left by Aralohita

Head inside the cave and interact with the markings on the wall and report back to Ararycan.

Search for the answers(s) to the riddle (0/3)

Next, head to three locations marked on the map and interact with the markings on the wall and report back to Ararycan.

Solve Aralohita’s Riddle

Summon Dendrograna and shoot the floating Dendro objects next to the markings on the wall in the order of Furthest to Closest.

As you hit all three floating Dendro objects, you will get a Luxurious chest as a reward.

#14 Luxurious chest

This Luxurious chest is available in the southwestern area of Ashavan Realm. Head to the location and defeat all the enemies at the location to unlock the chest.

#15 Luxurious Chest

The player must clear all sixteen Stone Pillar Seals in Sumeru and defeat the Ruin Machines. Next, do the world quest “Legends of the Stone Lock”.

Read: All sixteen Stone Pillar Seals Locations

Once all the sixteen Stone Pillar Seals are cleared you can see this world quest on your quest page.

Go to the cavern Aradashan mentioned

As the quest starts, you need to go to the cavern which Aradashan has mentioned. This location is north of Pardis Dhyai. You will meet Aradashan at the cavern and will tell you to defeat the “Bulky Iron Chunk” beneath the lake.

Go to the seal’s location at the bottom of the lake

Go to the place mentioned to you by Aradashan. Glide down to the bottom of the Lake and go inside the cave.

Challenge the Bulky Iron Chunk

Once you reached the seal’s location break the seals around the Perpetual Mechanical Array and defeat it and finally talk with Aradashan to complete the quest.

Luxurious Chest

After the quest is completed, the player can transition to the dream state and talk to the Aranara to challenge the Perpetual Mechanical Array four more times to obtain a Luxurious Chest.

Play the “Rhythm of the Great Dream” and then speak with in this order to trigger the fight – Aradashan > Arayuta > Arasata > Arasaha.

You will receive a chest after each fight and a Luxurious Chest is available after the last fight.

#16 Luxurious chest

First, complete the world quest “Legends of the Stone Lock“.

Next, go to the “Fragment of childhood dreams” domain. Eliminate all the enemies and then clear the tumor of Withering to earn the luxurious chest.

#17 Luxurious chest – Parchment Puzzle

Strange Parchment Puzzle

Strange Parchment is obtained after completing Arankaya Story Quest. Teleport to Statue of Seven of Devantaka Mountain and then head southeast. Complete the time trial challenge to obtain Unsealed Parchment as a reward.

Unsealed Parchment Puzzle

Teleport to Statue of Seven of Devantaka Mountain and then head northeast. Complete the time trial challenge to obtain Guiding Parchment as a reward.

Guiding Parchment 

Glide down in the south direction from the Statue of Seven and start fishing. You must fish three times to get the reward Whispering Parchment. You can also buy bait from Sumeru fisherwoman.

Luxurious Chest Location

Go to the southwest teleport Waypoint of Devantaka Mountain and Glide down to the campsite. Light up all the torches to earn a luxurious chest. 

#18 Luxurious chest

Mysterious Clipboard – Complete the world quest Static View Part 2. Next, help 76 Aranyaka to unlock the chest.

#19 – 22 Luxurious chest – Semeru’s Shrine of depth

Next, four luxurious chests are available in Semeru’s Shrine of depth.

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