The Farmer’s Treasure: Old Stone Slate Locations | Inazuma Sword Blueprint | Genshin Impact 2.0

The Farmer’s Treasure is a secret world quest in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact 2.0. This article shows how to get The Farmer’s Treasure world quest and how to complete it. You will get The Farmer’s Treasure world quest once you have rescued Saimon Jirou in Jinren Island.

Rescue the caged Man in Jinren Island

Saimon Jirou is at the peak of Jinren Island (See the picture below for location) inside a cage. He will ask you to free him and tell you that the key to the cage is at the top of a tree. The tree can be identified with the glittering due to the key. The tree is on the east of the cage (See the picture below). Get the key and free the man. Saimon Jirou will inform you that he is a treasure hunter. He will ask you to bring four old stone slates, which he will use to open a treasure door and let you take all the treasure.

4 Old Stone Slates Location

Old Stone Slate 1/4: Kamisato Estate

The first old stone slate is on the beach on the northeast side of the Kamisato Estate. The slate is under a small tent near the waverider waypoint. See the picture below for the location.

Old Stone Slate 2/4: Well of Konda

The second old stone slate is inside the well of Konda, where you have to go during ‘A strange story in Konda’ world quest for sacred sakura cleansing ritual. To see how to reach the cleansing point check the complete walkthrough in the link below.

A strange story in Konda complete walkthrough

When you reach the point where you destroy the barrier, you can see an electro barrier on the sidewall (See the second picture below). Summon electrogranum and use it to cross the barrier and then climb up the thick plant vines. Up there you will find an iron gate. Open the gate and go inside. Inside the room, you will find the slate kept above a crate at the left side of the luxurious chest as shown in the third picture below.

Old Stone Slate 3/4: Araumi Underground

The third slate is in the underground of Araumi. You will reach underground while doing the Cleansing Defilement world quest. Check the link below to see how to reach Araumi underground.

How to reach Araumi Underground

Near the location where you destroy the barrier, you will find a rotating block barrier. Make the glowing side of the block face the same direction to make a hole open up in the ground as shown in the second picture below. Jump down the hole and swim until you reach a stair. Climb the stair and turn left, where you will find the old stone slate on a heap of sand as shown in the fourth picture below.

Old Stone Slate 4/4: Araumi Underground

From the previous slate location, keep moving ahead in a linear path until you reach a waypoint (See picture below for location). You will find the fourth old slate near the waypoint at the location as shown in the picture below. The slate is near a broken vase.

Find the Fifth Stone Slate

Once you have the four old stone slates go back and talk to Jirou. He will ask you to bring a fifth slate from the location as shown in the picture below. Go to the location and dig around. You won’t find any slate. Go back to Jirou, who has been captured again. Defeat the bandits to free Jirou. He will reward you with the treasure key.

Open the Stone gate of the Treasury

Use the key to open the cage door highlighted with the objective marker and then jump down. Below you will find floor tiles with four missing blocks. Insert the four old stone slates on the open slots. Now walk around the floor tiles to light them all up. This will open the store door.

Go inside and open the treasure chest. You will find nothing inside the chest. After the cutscene objective will be updated to “Report back to Saimon Katsumi in Konda Village”. Go to the objective marker and talk to Saimon to complete the quest.

On completing the quest you will get the ‘Saimon Heirloom Blade Diagram’ forging blueprint, which is required to force Amenoma Kageuchi Sword.

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