The Riddle of Recollection | Dragon’s Dogma 2

This article will guide you on how to solve all the Sphinx Riddles “The Riddle of Recollection” in the sidequest “A Game of Wits” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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How to solve ‘The Riddle of Recollection’

“Now, questions beget questions, and I have one for you. How many riddles have you solved thus far? My memory fails me, you see. Remind me, and make it plain. Let yonder statues be your means. For every question aptly answered, bring one here before me.”

Speak with the Sphinx at the Frontier Shrine. To solve the Riidle, pick up and throw the statues in front of the Sphinx for all the correct answers that you have given.
Reward: Unmaking Arrow

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