Triada Blessings: All Triada Relics Locations | Get Oluso Panther | Far Cry 6

  • Post published:October 8, 2021
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Triada blessing is a Yaran Story side quest that you will get in the Oluwa cave in Isla Santuario. On completing the side mission you will get Oluso Panther pet as a reward. To start the quest, go inside the Oluwo cave and read the note kept over a symbol as shown in the fourth picture below.

Collect the 3 Triada Relics

Your first objective will be to find three Triada Relics idols. You will get these idols by completing 3 treasure hunts: 

  1. Ída’s Triada Relic (Madrugada Region)
  2. Okú’s Triada Relic (Valle de Oro Region)
  3. Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic (El Este Region)

Deliver the Relics to Oluwa Cave

After completing all three treasure hunts, go back to the cave and place the three idols on the top of the symbol.

Explore the Oluwa Cave

After placing the idols on the ground, a new path will open up. Go straight ahead and open the chest the objective marker is pointing to and get La Varita gun.

Fight the guardian spirit of the Oluwas

After picking up the weapon, a spirit jaguar will appear. Use the weapon you just picked up to defeat it.

Join forces with Oluso

After the fight, revive the fallen panther Oluso. It will become your Amigo. This also completes the quest.

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