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There are a total of 49 Unique Weapons in far Cry 6. This article shows the location of all the unique weapons and how to get them. Collecting all the unique weapons unlocks Armed to the Teeth Trophy/ Achievement.

Rifles (1-12)
Submachine Guns (13-19)
Light Machine Guns (20-22)
Sniper Rifles (23-27)
Shotguns (28-34)
Bows (35-36)
Launchers (37-40)
Pistols (41-46)
Auto Pistols (47-49)

1) Death Rites

It is inside a chest in the house with a broken roof in Maldito, Conuco.

2) F*ck Anton

It is inside a locked chest in Guau Guau Island at the location marked below. To open the locked chest, you will need the ‘Mysterious Key’. You will get this key as a reward for completing Who’s a Good Boy? and Fetch Quest Yaran Stories, which are a side-quest chain that gets you Chorizo dog as a pet. Click here to see the complete walkthrough of Chorizo quest chain.

3) !Viva Libertad!

This one is inside a chest in the house next to a lighthouse in Prado Meadows, Vencejo.

4) Camo Quinceanera

You get it by completing “A Rising Tide” treasure hunt in Sierra Perdida. To complete the treasure hunt you need to press the buttons in the correct order: El Tigre Del Mar, Papi Chulo, El Lucky, Clarita, Roja Victoria.

5) Sharkbite

It is inside the FND armory in Rahe Plateau in Conuco. The door is locked and you will get the key by conquering the FND base.

6) Noblesse Oblige

It is in a Yaran Contraband chest inside a display case in the Museum of the false Revolution in Isabel Steppes, Conuco.

7) One Ping Only

This one is unmissable. You will get it automatically on completing the second last Main Story Operation “The Lion’s Den“.

8) Vaya Con Dios

It is in the control tower of Gabriel Castillo Airport in Mirador Cape, La Joya.

9) Surf & Turf

You will get it on completing the ‘Crocodile Tears’ Treasure Hunt.

10) Hi-Fi

It is inside the highlighted house in El Rancho Bicho.

11) Urushi

It is inside a chest in the shipping yards docks on the east side of Esperanza as shown below.

12) Zona-51

Go inside La Divinidad Cathedral in Old Pueblo. Collect the Bell Tower key from the table inside the cathedral. Then take the ladder on the left side and go to the cathedral balcony and use the key to open the blue door & get the weapon.

13) Iron Curtain

The chest is underwater near El Tigre Dormido Hotel in Cape Santa Maria, Cruz Del Salvador. Dive down and open the chest to get the weapon.

14) Turn of the Century

It is inside a chest in Resplandor Agriculture in Palma Forest, Lozania.

15) Carriage Carnage

The chest is inside a red train container on the top of a destroyed railway bridge near the Castillo National Zoo, Balaceras. You can climb to the top using vines or fly up there using a helicopter/ flying car.

16) Streamline Moderne

The Yaran Contraband is inside an underground bunker in the FND 2nd Armored Division in Palma Forest, Lozania. Enter the house as shown in the third picture below. The bunker key is kept on a table inside. Open the hatch near the table to enter the bunker. Proceed in the bunker till the end until you find a locked wight door as shown in the fourth picture below. Use the key to open this door and open the chest inside to get the weapon.

17) DIY Death

It is inside a Yaran Contraband chest on the northeast side of Concepcion town, Conuco.

18) SMG-Issimo

It is at La Raja Bar in Fuego Valley, Lozania.

19) The Heroic End

The Yaran Contraband chest is inside a tend behind The People’s Pride Clinic in Dorado Cove, la Joya.

20) Sink or Swim

The weapon is inside an underwater chest in Cauto De Paso Lagoon in Sierra Perdida. Dive down at the highlighted location to get the weapon.

21) Impact Driver

It is inside a Yaran Contraband chest in a locked yard in Chancletas Resort in Muerte Point, Barrial. You have to climb over the walls to reach there.

22) Crackle & Pop

Yaran Contraband is at the roof of the highlighted building in El Rayo Cinema in West Lado, Esperanza. Climb the ladder to reach the rooftop.

23) El Depredador

Purchase Level 3 Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility upgrade to get it.

24) Sobek Special

You will get it by completing the Cache Money Treasure Hunt.

25) Double Clutch

You will get it on completing a Gran Premio Race. There are a total of Gran Premio Race Locations in the game. You can complete a race in any of the 12 locations to get the weapon. One of the first racing locations is in the south of Costa Del Mar as shown below.

26) El Tirano

It is on top of the lighthouse in Escila Fort in Ventosa Peninsula.

27) The Transubstantiator

Climb down the manhole in the True Yaran Academy in Cielo Gardens, Noventarmas.

28) Humidora

It is on top of the tower in the Punto Este Lighthouse in Sagrado, Quito. You will have to grapple to reach the top.

29) El Rubi

Yaran contraband is inside Torre Del Leon in Esperanza. Go inside the building and go to the room at the backside of the lobby on the ground floor to get the weapon.

30) Ciervo Macho

Purchase level 2 Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility upgrade to get it.

31) The True Loyalist

You get it on completing ‘The Truest Yaran’ Treasure Hunt.

32) Excavation Execution

You get it on completing ‘The Long Drop’ Treasure Hunt.

33) Supercharger

The Yaran Contraband on the GDP Oil Platform in Aguas Lindas. The chest is inside a shipping container at the top level on the southeast portion of the rig as shown in the picture below. The shipping container containing the Yaran Contraband is blocked with another shipping container, which is attached to a crane. You need to lift the container blocking the path to access the Yaran Contraband. To lift the container, go to the crane control room at the southwest end of the rig and press the red button inside. This will allow you to access the chest and get the weapon. Click here to see the complete walkthrough.

34) Com.pew.ter

The chest is on the top of the tower in the Taino Peak Relay Station in Bandido Escarpment, Noventarmas.

35) Bullseye

It is inside a cage in the forest near Lapida Magote, Sierra Perdida.

36) El Capirote

Build Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility to get it.

37) La Guaracha

It is at the highlighted location in Segunda, Cruz Del Salvador.

38) El Caballero

This one is in FND Base “F.I. Escudo Steel Plant” in Corbe Shores, Aguas Lindas. The chest is inside a locked room on the east side of the base. You will get the key after conquering the base.

39) La Petite Mort

You get it on completing the ‘Sword-Crossed Lovers’ treasure hunt.

40) Into Orbit

You get it on completing the ‘Liquid Courage’ treasure hunt.

41) Blood Drunk

It is on the upper floor in Jose’s Villa in Serpentino Park, Costa Del Mar.

42) The Autocrat

Yaran Contraband chest is in the basement of Fort Quito, Isla Santuario . You can reach the basement easily through an underwater cave entrance on the north side of the fort. The cage containing the chest is locked. You need to break the wooden plank on one side of the cage to get inside as shown in the picture below.

43) Lethal Dose

You get it on completing ‘The Mongoose and the Man’ Treasure Hunt.

44) El Florecer

It is under a metal stair in Fontana Fort, Sierra Perdida.

45) El Regalo De Clara

You get it automatically on completing the third last main operation ‘Against the Wall’.

46) Pistola Sportiva

The chest is upstairs in the stadium in the El Maraton Field in West Lado, Esperanza.

47) Rococo Loco

You get it as a reward for completing the ‘Benito Bang Bang’ Los Bandidos Operation. You can start Los Bandidos operations from the quest board in the 3 main camps in Valle de Oro, Madrugada, and El Este.

48) El General

It is inside FND Munitions Storage in Vencejo. Enter the bunker and collect the key from the table, Then go underground through the hatch and get the weapon.

49) Snapshot

Yaran Contraband is on the top of Golfo Vasto Lighthouse in Cienaga Nublada National Park, Balaceras.

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