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Fate of a Fighter is a world quest for Genshin Impact 2.0. The guide explains how to obtain the quest, where to begin the Fate of a Fighter, the rewards, and the location! To obtain the ‘Fate of a Fighter’ World Quest, you will need to complete the Act II Chapter II: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow. There are two parts of the quest and each part has its own trigger. After clearing the Archon Quest, proceed to the shipwreck nearby.

Part 1: This part gets triggered by a cut-scene when players go near a wrecked ship.
Part 2: This part gets triggered after clearing all 4 samurai camps near Nazuchi Beach.

In this quest, players must help a shogunate samurai complete some tasks. Tasks include collecting some Naku Weeds and clearing pirate bases. The starting point for this quest is on Nazuchi Beach, west of the eastern Waypoint. For your convenience, I’ve marked the location on the map.

Rescue the besieged samurai (First Part)

As the quest starts, your first objective will be to ‘Rescue the besieged samurai’. The first part of the quest is triggered by a cut-scene when players go near a wrecked ship at the mentioned location. In the cut-scene, a shogunate samurai can be seen surrounded by pirates. Players need to defeat them to rescue the former.

Talk to the samurai

Players have to interact with the samurai named Inaba at the top of the wrecked ship. Near the beach, there is an electrogranum that you can use to fly through the air and reach the top of the ship. The samurai will then reveal his injury and request additional assistance in clearing a pirate camp.

Clear out the pirate camp

The pirate camp is south of Nazuchi Beach on a small island. I have marked the location of the pirate camp on the map given below. There is no Waverider Waypoint nearby, so players have to swim up to the island. Using Mona or Ayaka can help you get to the pirate camp faster. In case you are losing stamina fast, then you can open your inventory and restore it by consuming some food items.

Gather 12 Naku Weeds

Once you have clear all the pirates from the island report back to the samurai (Inaba). Samurai will then ask your help to get him 12x Naku Weed to cure his wounds.

There are two areas where Naku weeds are easily available. The first is in the eastern area of Tatarasuna and the other in and around Grand Narukami Shrine. When collecting, take as much as you could. Since they are a local specialty, you will likely make use of them later on!. Naku Weed locations are shown in the below maps. Naku weeds locations are marked with flower icons.

Wait until 10:00 – 12:00 the next day and talk to Inaba Kyuuzou

After delivering the Naku Weeds, players have to wait till 10:00 – 12:00 the next day. Lastly, Inaba will bid farewell to the traveler, rewarding them with 40 Primogems, 4 Hero’s Wits, and 30,000 Mora.

Part 2: Fate of a Fighter

You need to eliminate all the samurai near Nazuchi Beach to start the second part of the quest. You can find samurais at four different locations around the beach. I have locations of samurai are shown in the below map. Once all the four marked locations are cleared, the second part of Fate of a Fighter will get triggered automatically.

Report the situation to Inaba Kyuuzou

After clearing out all four nearby samurai camps report back to Inaba at the wreckage site. But you will find a note instead of Inaba.

Witness Inaba Kyuuzou’s Fate

Now your next goal is to reach the marked location on the map that is east of Jakotsu mines. I have attached a screenshot below for reference. You will find three samurais here that you need to eliminate. Here the world quest Fate of a Fighter ends.
Completing this hidden quest will grant the Wonders of the World achievement, “Oh, the Humanity!”, and duplicate quest rewards.

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